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(Oct 11th, 2017)
Sikaah's Adventure, Part 9!
      by Seppel

-> Sikaah, strike from above. FINAL ANSWER.

You continue to carry out your plan for a full frontal attack, descending sharply and piercing your staff down in front of Kuushik, sending an omnidirectional shockwave of wind, blowing all the foxes away, save one: Kuushik.

She is temporarily stunned, and in that moment you wrap her tightly in a vortex so strong that she can't even lift an arm. You use both of your hands to shape the wind around her, focused immensely by your staff at your side. You speak in a commanding tone to Kuushik, whose eyes focus on you the whole time, a proud grin on her face.

"Stop. Land peacefully. Shrink down. Stop your madness."

"Mad... ness?"

It takes her effort to get the word out, but she's still staring at you superciliously. You can't believe you tried to talk some sense into her. She's clearly gone mad.

"Behind you!"

Kasim's struggling voice alerts you to a problem, but you're concentrating so much on conducting in this instant that tearing your eyes away from Kuushik seems like a bad idea. Ultimately, though, you feel your power fading. You struggle to maintain your hold on Kuushik, your arms suddenly aching from how hard you have to strain just to keep her incapacitated. Just before you lose your concentration and collapse, you look to your side to see the problem: your staff has left your side!

If you had more allies, or gathered information on how to take her down from inside, you wouldn't be in this dilemma right now. Unfortunately, nobody was fast enough to reach your staff in time before it was snatched away by tentacles. Your entire raiding party has been captured.

Disarmed, you feel tentacles wrap around you with alarming speed. You struggle, but they serve you to Kuushik. Your heart is racing. You are terrified. But there is no swift retaliation. In fact, it seems she wants to talk? You can do nothing but listen. Her voice sounds sickeningly sweet, with the occasional visceral word or two.

"Little conductor, there is no madness going on. We simply want to become the biggest. We want to become everything. You pull your little tricks from the energy the planet has given us. You think so small."

"What do you mean? What's going to happen to us?"

"Do you know what happened to the last conductor who tried to disrespect your new queen? It was very hot having him inside me. His little heat tricks felt so good."

"Please, you-"

"Oh, now she says please, as if that's enough. You should be saying, 'My enormous Queen who I love with all eternity, please, I beg you, spare me some of your time to answer two worthless questions.' And then you might get answers. I might tell you how laughable it is to see you conducting that air, and how insignificant it is to the planet. You see, you're a leech."

"And you're not? You've taken this jungle for yourself!"

"One more interruption like that and I'll feed you to the minions! As I was saying, I am more in harmony with the planet than you are. Already I can feel my lowest tentacles rooting deep into the desert below. This island is just the beginning. As we grow, we will be able to root into larger swaths of land. The energy you harness from conducting? We will become all of it. We will become the entire planet. This vessel will finally be able to realize itself as it serves a cosmic purpose."


"So, what part will you play in this? Oh, that depends entirely on you. The planet accepts being inside me, but you clearly don't. As a benevolent Queen, I allow anyone to live a peaceful life on my surface, or the surface below, while it still exists. As my subject, your only rule is to never challenge me. Disobey, and we eat you. So there you have it. Do you understand, my little conductor?"

"...yes, my benevolent Queen."

"Leave now, or my minions will have you for supper."

"We... we will leave, Queen Kuushik."

"And stop playing with silly little toys. You could hurt someone!"

You see her tentacles throw your staff far, far over the edge of the island. And then suddenly, you feel yourself falling as the tentacles pull you downward, through the island, through the sky, and safely to the ground. In the distance, you see your allies make hasty retreats to their hometowns.

You are disarmed, exhausted, and alone.

How on earth can you stop Kuushik now? Who can you turn to?

If you tried enlisting the conductors of Vell's End, it would end up being a bureaucratic mess.

Vanai Valley is full of unique and powerful creatures, but they hold a strong allegiance toward their mythical kind. You strongly doubt any of them would go against Kuushik.

You believe the Jinvon spirits would tear down Kuushik easily, but they can't leave their jungle without a corporeal element.


You recall having a conversation with one particular person. You aren't exactly friends, and you've only met once, but her capabilities are incredible. The results of her hard work astonished you. It was unbelievable.

During your visit with her, you had asked if there are any limits to what she can do. You remember her response as clearly as the day she said it:

"My greatest fear is that there are no limits."

This is your only choice.

-> Visit Creyta.

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cuddles on Oct 13th, 2017 @ 04:53 PM
I love the art. Wonder if it will be on a card.

Nezumi12 on Oct 13th, 2017 @ 01:33 PM
yeah... i kinda figured this would happen.
after all, "when the DM asks 'are you SURE you want to...?', then you probably shouldn't."

Kaia_Cougar on Oct 12th, 2017 @ 01:11 PM
Also, is it just me or is there a reference to Sev in Kushiik's ramblings?

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