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(Oct 3rd, 2017)
Sikaah's Adventure, Part 3!
      by Seppel

-> Meanwhile, a monstrosity grows...

"Just a sip, love. We're going to be huge."

-> Sikaah, journey to Rizah's Station.

Knowing nothing of ominous meanwhiles, you take a hurried trip to the desert town of Rizah's Station. Founded by the package-delivery troupe Sul Striders years ago as a waystation for weary, parched runners to relax, Rizah's Station now serves as a place for mercenaries to find work in all corners of Kemah Karah, from the jungles of Panaway to the mountains of Vanai Valley. All thanks to delivery routes carved by the feet of intrepid jackals.

Behind you, a floating island looms as high as the mountains on the other side of the desert. Between those two points is Rizah's Station.

As you arrive, you notice your mouth is parched, and you haven't eaten anything today! Stopping in the market for a quick bite to eat and some water, you equip yourself for a long battle. You try to keep a low profile, but seeing as you are a mouse carrying a glowing staff while dashing as fast as a cheetah, not to mention there are stories about you, it is difficult to complete transactions in a timely manner.

You'd think pointing out the giant floating island would get people to understand that you're kind of on a schedule here but let's not forget that you live in a land of huge dragons and sexy ghosts. A floating tentacle island isn't exactly the weirdest thing around.

Okay, maybe it is. But from this far away, the mystery skybeast looks so tiny that nobody sees it as a threat.

You'll have to be direct when recruiting adventurers to your cause. Nobody will know what they're in for, not even you.

Where will you go to recruit?

-> Enter the tavern to recruit skilled brawn.

-> Enter the Sul Striders headquarters to recruit skilled speed.

Vote in the comments section below. The most voted option will determine what Sikaah does next!

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Seppel on Oct 4th, 2017 @ 06:39 PM
Voting closed!

Speed: 11
Brawn: 2

ezekiel_tyr on Oct 4th, 2017 @ 02:23 PM
Enter the Sul Striders headquarters cause speed is always good

Nezumi12 on Oct 4th, 2017 @ 12:22 PM
if it were me, i'd hit the Sul Striders THEN look for brawn.
there's a good chance we'll need strong fighters, but we definitely need fast scouts first. if only there were a "Both" option.
ah, well. guess i'll say "Striders" as my official vote.

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