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(Oct 1st, 2017)
Sikaah's Adventure, Part 1!
      by Seppel


You are a conductor, which means you can harness the energy of the planet to your will, manipulating the matter around you. However, your powers are not limitless. In fact, you can only manipulate the air around you. Through intense study and practice, you have mastered the art of conducting and are able to perform SPEEDY FEATS and AMAZING STUNTS. The other three types of conductors are solid, liquid, and heat, but your type is the rarest of the four.

You wield a GEM-TIPPED STAFF that both enhances and concentrates your powers.

Your hobbies include HERBALISM, HORTICULTURE, and KICKING BUTT. When you are not doing any of those, you like to assist the residents of the town of PANAWAY by collecting resources from the surrounding jungle that are otherwise far too dangerous for others to explore.

Months ago, you saved an ancient civilization known as the JINVON, who were plagued in their afterlife by a realized NIGHTMARE of their settlement's self-destrucrive habits. It took considerable charisma and stamina to learn the Jinvon tribe's history and the secrets of both confronting and sealing away the Nightmare itself. Your name has been celebrated, and you are now an ally to the Jinvon.

Today, you have returned to the statue of NARANI, the JINVON QUEEN, to meditate. You find that MEDITATION helps you to align your thoughts, focus your abilities, and be GENERALLY MORE PRODUCTIVE.

During your meditation, you feel a slow vibration coming from deep within the earth beneath you. It is unlike anything you have ever experienced before. It almost feels like an EARTHQUAKE, but you can tell something is amiss thanks to your heightened perception of the air shifting around you. It's as if you're feeling a strange pulling sensation. Whatever it may be, you can tell it's going to get a lot worse soon. You cut your meditation short and venture into the jungle.

You could investigate the jungle for the source of the vibrations, or you could use your limited time to recruit allies. You refer to the MAP OF KEMAH KARAH and determine where you could possibly go in such a short amount of time.

What will you do?

-> Investigate the jungle for the source of the vibrations

-> Visit Panaway to gather information

-> Journey to Rizah's station to recruit allies

Vote in the comments section below. The most voted option will determine what Sikaah does next!

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Nezumi12 on Oct 4th, 2017 @ 12:16 PM
and this is what happens when you take a break from the internet for a weekend...

LadySikerra on Oct 2nd, 2017 @ 06:31 PM
Oh, man, I always thought the Jinvon were so cool. I would love to learn more about them!

cuddles on Oct 2nd, 2017 @ 03:49 PM
Missed this chance to vote on where to go.

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