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(Feb 11th, 2011)
Organizational Update
      by Callista Skip

Best bed trick when you're out of AP and your furres are exhausted :)

Now that I have your attention, here's my update!

It's been busy here in the office, thanks to a new schedule that Seppel has me on. Friday will now be Callista-Site-Update-Day from now on!

So, what to tell you. Hm.

Spring is traditionally a busy time of year for us -- we do 7 or 8 conventions in 6 months, then have July off, then do 5 or 6 conventions in 4 months during the latter half of the year. Further Confusion was fun and we met an awesome group of people. Seppel's definitely looking forward to Furry Fiesta in a couple of weeks.

By "do," I now also mean "organize," as we aren't personally attending as many conventions as we used to. This is a good thing, because, as you can imagine, that's a lot of stressful traveling and working packed into a short amount of time. Around Seppel's already work-intensive full-time job -- can you tell that I'm the worrywart in this equation? I try hard to believe Seppel when he says he doesn't need to sleep :p

Anyway, Crimsonred is being joined by Tsumi in the role of our Convention Proxies! Tsumi will be attending FA:United for us in May, while Seppel heads down to Rocket City Fur Meet. This will allow me to stay home and get more done around the office, for which I am very thankful :)

What else...the novel is coming along. I'm so close to the end now I can almost taste it! (That also might be because I haven't had lunch yet, but whatever.) I'm hoping I can convince Seppel to let me put a passage or two in the next newsletter, which should be going out on Valentine's Day, if I can get it together over the weekend. You guys should really sign up for the newsletter -- we're trying to make it interesting and lucrative, and since we only do it once a month, it's a far cry from the annoying spam you never even asked for in your inbox ;)
The sign-up field is in the left-hand column right there on your screen!

I'm also working on updating the Furoticon Gaming Weekend page so we can start setting that up for August. It should be up and running before the end of the month, if I stay on schedule! Then we can all start getting excited about a sunny August weekend full of late-night gaming and fun times.

I hope everyone has a V-Day planned out for themselves, even if you don't have anyone to share it with. No reason not to just eat some chocolate and relax with a good book -- or maybe a friendly game of Furoticon!


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