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(Feb 4th, 2011)
Combo Corner: Wen Diro
      by Seppel

This is Wen Diro. Shi likes toys.

Wen Diro is a wolf who always comes equipped for the party. Shi's fantastic for bringing out Slave Collars and Heavy Paddles, which can be found lying all over Myss Nuno...

...but did you know shi can even bring out things your opponents will never expect?

Slave-Trading Cell is a fantastic and sneaky card to pull out! Once your opponent plays another Furre, simply let Wen Diro out of the cage and lay it on your opponent's Furre. Best of all, you don't have to run any cards that give you Female GP - you can run Wen Diro + Slave-Trading Cell in an all-Herm deck!

Happy deckbuilding!

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