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(Nov 28th, 2016)
How to play Furoticon in 10 minutes!
      by Seppel

Introduction to Furoticon

Follow along with a video tutorial!

In Furoticon, you play as a harem Owner, competing against one or more Owners for dominance over your opponents' harems. Break through their harems with your own and climax your opponents! The last player standing is the winner!

Furoticon is a strategy game for two to eight players, with each player bringing their own 40-card deck, known as a "black book," to play the game. Each deck comes with an extra card, called an Owner card, which is a representation of you in the game. Some Owner cards have special skills and stats to enhance gameplay.

Unlike other strategic trading card games, Furoticon is not violent. In fact, all acts in a game of Furoticon are consensual. Players may concede and walk away from a game at any time. In the stories and art of Furoticon, we do our best to support safe sex acts. While no act of intimacy is without some form of risk, we do not show imagery of or tell stories that involve dangerous practices or intoxication. We want to promote a sex-positive, body-positive, and gender-positive attitude. Furoticon is completely inclusive of every bit of the spectrum of sexuality, body types, and genders!

Throughout a game of Furoticon, each player takes turns playing cards such as...

Haven cards, which give you additional resources to play your other cards:

The cost to play a card is in the upper right corner, and the effect is in the rules box at the bottom.

You get 10 Action Points (AP) per turn to spend on drawing cards, playing cards, and entering bed. When you play a card, place it on the table in front of you -- it enters the scene. The "scene" is the in-play area of the game. Out-of-play areas include your black book, hand, and couch.

The Heights card above costs 4 AP, and it automatically gives you a purple Gender Point (GP) at the beginning of your turn. You'll use AP and GP to play your other cards.

Such as...

Furre cards, which are your harem, and your main way to win a game of Furoticon:

Zinna is a Furre card! You can see below her name is the type line which says that's she's a Furre and she's a Fox. (Some cards give you bonuses for certain species!)

In the upper-right, you can see that you need to spend 8 AP and 2 red (Female) GP to bring Zinna into the scene. The cost of a Furre card is a good measure of how much experience you'll need before that character will obey you!

Now's a good time to learn about those different gender symbols! There are four genders in Furoticon:

Male: Male cards focus on offense, direct pleasure, and high stamina.

Female: Female cards focus on defense, stamina recovery, and protection.

Herm: Herm cards focus on aggression, high pleasure, and low-cost cards.

Otherkind: Otherkind cards focus on control, denial, and drawing more cards.

The cost of a card determines its gender. You might be lucky to find a multi-gender card, which costs GP of two or more genders!

Now, let's return to Zinna:

Look at the bottom-left of Zinna's card. You'll see her stats!

The symbol is her stamina. This is how much pleasure she can take before orgasming and going to your couch. The number printed on her card is her maximum stamina and she can't gain more than that! (Unless you have cards that increase her maximum stamina!)

You can use dice or counters to keep track of stamina. Once she reaches 0 stamina, she immediately orgasms and goes to your couch!

The four numbers below her stamina are her Pleasuring Experience (PEs). Those numbers show how well she can pleasure Furres of a particular gender! Think of them as sexy attack power! When pleasuring a Furre, that's how much pleasure she'll give!

We'll go into detail about giving pleasure in a moment. First, let's quickly go over the last two types of cards!

Treat cards can add or change rules:

Everthrob is a standard Treat card. When you play it, its effect is mostly permanent -- it stays in the scene until another card says to eliminate it.

Some cards have a skill with an additional cost in their rules box, for a repeatable effect. For example:

: You get +5 .

That means that, every time you spend one of each GP on this skill, you will gain 5 stamina.

Some costs have an "EX" symbol, which means you need to exhaust the card, which we'll explain in a moment.

Some Treats are Alterations, and they need something already in the scene to alter:

Finally, Action cards are one-shot cards, that represent you, as the Owner, giving an order or performing an activity. You simply follow their rules and place them on your couch -- your discard pile.

Some Actions are Surprises, and they can be played at any time, unlike all the other cards, which you can only play on your turn. If multiple Surprise cards (or other skills) are played at the same time, resolve the last-played card first, then work your way back to the first card or skill played.

To get cards, simply visit the Card Shop or click "Get Cards!" on the left-hand menu. US orders usually take 3-5 business days to arrive, while international orders may take 2-6 weeks.

Pick up a starter set or two, and grab a few booster packs to customize your harem however you'd like. You want a harem of foxes? You can do that!

Furoticon games are a lot of fun!

Customizing your deck:

When you get to the point that you want to customize your deck, follow these guidelines:

* Your deck must be exactly 40 cards, unless your Owner card gives you a bonus to your deck size.

* Your Owner card doesn't go in your deck. It's a 41st card that automatically starts in the scene.

* You can have a maximum of 3 copies of any card in your deck, except Home Havens, which are unlimited. (Home Havens are marked as "Haven - Home" in the type line, just below the name of a card.)

Sex becomes strategy in Furoticon!

Gameplay Basics

Get your decks ready! Inside each starter deck are two special cards: one for keeping track of your stamina, and one for keeping track of your AP and GP.

Each player starts with 25 maximum stamina if everyone's playing with starter decks, or 50 maximum stamina if anyone's customized their decks.

When you reach 0 stamina, you orgasm, and you're out of the game. The last player (or team) standing wins!

Shuffle your decks, and roll a die to see who goes first. If you're playing a 2-player game, the player going first gets 5 AP on their first turn, for fairness.

Now the game begins!

Let's begin!

It's your turn! What do you do?

There's three steps of a turn: Refill, Refresh, and Main.

Refill Step: Remove any remaining AP and GP you had left over from your previous turn, and start with 10 AP, plus what your Havens give you!

AP and GP are use-them-or-lose-them. You can hold on to them during your opponents' turns for surprises and defense, but once your turn begins, all your previous points go away.

Refresh Step: You may spend 1 AP to refresh everything you control. (Furres, and certain Treats and Havens.)

A Furre is either refreshed (facing you) or exhausted (turned to its side).

Lemah is exhausted!

Ignore the refresh step on your first few turns. During gameplay, your Furres will engage in activities that will make them exhausted (turned on their side). Exhausted Furres can't do anything. On your refresh step, you simply pay 1 AP to tell your harem to get back up!

Some cards give you bonuses for having Furres exhausted or refreshed, so keep an eye out for them!

Main Step: You may do any of the following in any order:

* Pay 5 AP to draw a card. (You may do this multiple times throughout your turn.)

* Play a card or activate a skill. (You may do this multiple times throughout your turn.)

* Enter bed. (Once per turn. Entering bed is the best way to win the game, usually!)

* End your turn. ("End of turn" skills end now. If you have more than seven cards in your hand, discard down to seven. Then play continues to the next player's turn.)

And that's it!

There's one last thing to learn about Furoticon, and that's entering bed!

Entering bed!

The bed step is where the fun happens! When you enter bed, you Furres go "swinging." Your opponent may "put out" with his or her Furres to not take pleasure directly.

First, announce that you're entering bed. (Players may play Surprises and activate skills now, as well as after any Furres enter bed, and even after pleasure is given!)

Break through your opponent's harem and pleasure your opponent to win!

In order to swing, you pay 1 AP per Furre you want to put in bed, then exhaust those Furres by tilting them sideways. A Furre can't swing or use exhaust skills the turn it enters the scene.

Next, your opponent pays 1 AP per Furre he or she would like to put out with. Furres don't exhaust to put out -- simply slide them forward to show that they're in bed. Unlike swinging, a Furre doesn't have to wait a turn to put out.

Finally, pleasure is given. Total up how much pleasure your Furres give to the opposing side by looking at the PE row corresponding to the opposing Furres' genders! (Your opponent's Furres give pleasure back, too!)

After pleasure is given, Furres leave bed, and you continue your turn.

Take a look at these two quick examples:

Notice how you total up the pleasure, then give it to each of the opposing Furres. In the first example, the three males give 5 pleasure each to Herms, so you add that up to give a total of 15 pleasure to each of the three Herms -- that's 45 pleasure total!

In the second example, only two Males are swinging. You still add up pleasure normally. The Herms will still give 9 pleasure to each of the Males, but there's only 2 Males in bed, so they can only please 2 of the Herms. The outnumbered player gets to choose which Furres take the pleasure.

This also means that one Furre can block everything. It's going to get gangbanged into oblivion, but it'll save you from taking direct pleasure.

The only way you can pleasure your opponent is if there are no Furres on the defending player's side! When that happens, your opponent takes pleasure equal to each Furre's highest PE! Take a look at this example to see how much pleasure a player takes:

It's important to see that regardless of the Owner's gender, or even the player's gender, the highest PE number is the amount of pleasure that the opponent takes. So watch out -- you might orgasm before you know it!

And that's how you win a game of Furoticon!

You can start playing now, or read on for some helpful tips!

Tips and secrets to winning!

Bed Strategy!

* Since each player has to pay AP to put Furres into bed, a player at 0 AP is defenseless (unless controlling Furres that put out for free). Swing hard for maximum pleasure!

* More Furres in bed is almost always better. However, if you find yourself at a disadvantage, remember that one Furre can block everything! That Furre will most likely orgasm, but it'll buy you a turn!

* Want to know which Furres to swing with? Look for your opponent's Furre with the highest , then count up enough PEs on your side until you'll give enough pleasure to bring that Furre to orgasm! Your opponent doesn't have to put out with that Furre, but you'll guarantee that at least one Furre will go down.

* Take direct pleasure! That may sound weird, but it's not too bad to take it on the face! Your is only important if it goes down to 0. Even if you're edging at 1 , you've still got skin in the game!

Timing matters!

If you're holding on to a Surprise card that you want to play at the very last moment before your turn begins, you can do that! When your opponent says that they're ending their turn, you can play surprises and skills in response. Once those effects resolve, it's immediately your turn.

Likewise, you can't brute-force your way through the steps of your turn without giving your fellow players time to react. For example, if you say you're entering bed and then immediately swing with Furres, but your opponent wanted to activate a skill that would prevent some of your Furres from swinging, your opponent is allowed to tell you to stop and back up to the beginning of the bed step.

It's common courtesy for one player to say, "I'm entering bed." Then, if you have nothing to react with, you say, "Go ahead." Or, if you want to play a card or skill, say, "Wait."

Remember to have fun and play nice.

Multi-gender Furres?

Some Furres are multi-gender. Just like a player takes pleasure from the highest of all 4 PEs, a multi-gender Furres takes pleasure from the highest PE it is. Here's an example:

Team games?

Instead of playing one-on-one or a free-for-all, you can have teams of two, three, or four players! Make sure the teams are even! We recommend no more than eight players in a single game. It just gets silly with more players than that.

In team games, players sit next to their teammates. When it's a team's turn, only one player on the team takes a turn, and you alternate who on the team takes a turn. So, if your teammate is eliminated in a 2 vs 2 game, you take a turn after each player on the opposing team. (In other words, the turn order would be You -> Opponent A -> You -> Opponent B -> You!)

You may only enter bed against one opponent per bed step. Other players may play Surprise cards and activate skills, but only Furres in your harem and your opponent's harem may enter bed.

When only one team is left standing, all players on that team win the game!

What now?

Start playing Furoticon! Don't have a deck? Get your cards at the card shop! Furoticon has over 1,000 different collectible cards. That's a lot of room for trading and discovering new artists!

Good luck, and have fun!

Have questions? Visit the forums to have your voice heard!

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Furman048 on Dec 1st, 2016 @ 10:16 AM
I agree with LadySikerra as much as this is good and informative I like the videos more

Seppel on Dec 1st, 2016 @ 06:14 AM
@GiggleHyena: Fun fact: There's an unfinished trailer for the Triskelion set! We also released a flash storybook as a trailer for Tribes of Tanglebrook. And Strawberry's tie-in is the College Adventure. :)

GiggleHyena on Dec 1st, 2016 @ 02:46 AM
It is nice to see this in written format. Though an update to the videos would be cool too. Maybe trailers for future sets similiar to what MTG does?

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