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(Jan 22nd, 2011)
A Journey to Further Confusion!
      by Seppel

Last week, we flew off to California for our second trip to San Jose for Further Confusion! we're from the east coast, so we spent Wednesday evening flying, and Thursday righting our schedules to the new timezone.

And we're off!

Friday was when the fun began! The dealer's room opened and everyone was swarmed! Our table was in the center of the dealer's room, next to our good friends at Bad Dragon, Varka and Sarmy. They had a special box at their table. For a few bucks, you could reach in and pull out an egg. Inside some were Bad Dragon bucks and tickets for free Furoticon booster packs!

After the dealer's room closed, I was able to get in a nap before coming back down to host the Furoticon Sealed Tournament with Callista. In a sealed tournament, you are given 5 booster packs (plus unlimited home havens) to make a 20-card deck. Then you play against other players and compete for prizes over 3 rounds. We gave away prizes such as magnets, booster packs, prints, collector's binders, collector's boxes, and our last Triskelion stat mat.

The tournament begins!

Here are the scores for the Further Confusion Sealed Tournament:

Further Confusion: January 2011
Format: Sealed
4Nick Simmons8
10Skitzo Kitty6
12Kimba Snowpaw5
12Throan Loveless5
18Steven Moses2

Remember, play in any Triskelion Tournament between now and May 2011 and earn Triskelion League points! The player with the most league points at the end will receive an invitation to create a customized Furoticon card with his/her character on it! There are currently 5 more tournaments scheduled between February and May 31st -- keep your eye on the website schedule to find out which one is nearest to you! See the current standings and schedule.

Saturday evening, we ran a constructed tournament, where players brought their own 40-card decks to compete. Once again, we gave out generous prizes! Here are the scores for the Further Confusion Constructed Tournament:

Further Confusion: January 2011
Format: Constructed
3Frost Bight8
3Steven Moses8
9Nico Rabbit5
11Sega Shallowclaw3
12Husky Redz2

On Sunday, we spent one more day in the dealer's room, giving people one last chance to grab the cards we brought. Tsumi invited us over that evening for a wine and cheese party, which was a pleasant way to relax. Then we finally went back to our room and rested.

Just another relaxing evening.
Art by Laffykat, Character owned by Tegome

The next morning, we packed up, had a good chat with Bad Dragon's Varka and Sarmy, then had to run to catch our flight back to the other side of the country.

Further Confusion was another great trip back to California, and we're looking forward to coming back next year!

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