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(May 30th, 2016)
Invitation to Diveka's Foxy Party!
      by Seppel

From: Diveka Parollis
To: Amber "The Dream" Nelian

Hey Amber!

It's me, Diveka! I'm holding a foxy party to celebrate my retirement from ORAL University. Why call it foxy? Well, all my closest friends just happen to be foxes! It'll be at my flat, on the First Rest Day of next week, at 6 in the evening. It's not going to get too rowdy, but bring drinks and snacks if you'd like. You know me, I prefer a calm day of rest and relaxation with friends. ;)

(Also, there might be a little magic going around. Just saying, I've still got some of that in my horn, if anyone's interested. Heh~)

Your sisters are welcome to come along as well!

Anyway, just let me know how many to expect. No rush.



Art by ABlueDeer

From: Amber "The Dream" Nelian
To: Diveka Parollis

Oh my gosh, that sounds like a great time, but unfortunately I already have plans that evening. Sorry I can't be there.

Good news though, all three of my sisters can totally make it! You know them, Sapphire, Emerald, and Jem? Well, I know you at least know Emerald. They're good people. I can vouch for that!

I'll send them your address. Thanks for the invite!


From: Sapphire Nelian
To: Diveka Parollis

Hey hun, got the invite. See you there!



From: Emerald Nelian
To: Diveka Parollis

I'll bring the drinks!


Art by ABlueDeer

From: Jem Nelian
To: Diveka Parollis

Hey, got your addy from Amber. Thanks for the invite! I'll be a little late, but I'm fine with any sort of magic going on. Just don't get started without me.

See you then!


*** *** ***

From: Diveka Parollis
To: Jem Nelian

So glad you showed up last night. You were the catalyst to making it a very memorable night. Honestly, we were really all just sitting around chatting until you showed up!

Still can't get that image out of my head of you and your sisters presenting to me. I didn't expect to have to take on all three of you at the same time. ;)


I have Osfia to thank for all of you not wearing me out! You three have amazing stamina!


From: Osfia ~Reborn~
To: Diveka Parollis

Thanks for the great evening. I'm elated that I got to try out my new toy. Those sisters sure were something!

The timing of everything was perfect: Jem showing up, you working your magic, and well, me ready to get it on~!

It almost felt like a contest -- they kept begging for more, and we kept up with them all night long. We really make a great team.


I'm so happy to be partnering up with you in the future! The way we're so eager, so tireless, so in control of who we'll be pleasuring -- it's amazing!

Would you say we're greedy? Maybe not, we don't go that far. I like the balance we have.

I think I'm rambling now. This almost sounds like one of my Herald speeches from back then, hah.

Anyway, the summer's young, and you make the nights hot. I'll see you around often!

~Life changes in a flash; make it count~

The party begins July 1st!

ORAL Graduation: Grads vs. Dancers is available for preorder June 1st!

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Jaxon on Jun 1st, 2016 @ 06:25 PM
love the unicorn art

dontribal on Jun 1st, 2016 @ 09:27 AM
What'd I just read? Lolz These cards have characters? That's refreshing. I like vixens and wolves, woot

cuddles on Jun 1st, 2016 @ 08:25 AM
Going to get a play set of Osfia and Diveka.

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