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(May 16th, 2016)
Wolves vs. Rats: The story ends. ...or is it just beginning? -- Four new art previews!
      by Seppel

With all the talk of a Murodian rat leader, it took weeks before the Alphus wolves learned the leader's name: Quickfingers.

Quickfingers is rarely seen. Usually, instead of seeing Quickfingers, another rat will deliver a message to you. Gurt, an Alphus hunter, learned this the hard way, grumbling on his way back home with a simple written message.

The message stated simply that Quickfingers would only meet with Somn, the Alphus shaman, alone, at a rat hut in neutral territory. And only then would they negotiate the terms of the Alphus's surrender.


Art by Simul

Quickfingers is the protector of the Murodian rat tribe. Some might incorrectly say that the Rat Queens are the Murodian leaders, but the queens are only queens of the fortune they've stolen from the other tribes. While they're excellent thieves, they're in no way leaders. So when Gurt got word that this 'Quickfingers' was the leader, he imagined that the rats were just playing another trick. And he was done with their tricks.

Gurt was ready to lead an attack on the Murodian tribe, but as soon as Somn got word of the message, he agreed to meet with Quickfingers. Gurt was dumbfounded. As a hunter, he tended to focus on the day-to-day survival of the tribe, but Somn could see far into the future.

A time was arranged, and both arrived, ready to talk.


Art by Simul

Quickfingers said that all they wanted was acknowledgement that the Murodian rats settled Tanglebrook first, and that the Alphus were gracious visitors of their land. Somn was initially perplexed by this demand. Just a simple re-write of history? What was the point? Then, thinking about Murodian culture, it dawned on him:

"So, it's for honor." Somn understood. "You want the one thing no tribe can truly have: ownership of all of Tanglebrook. The dignity of the Alphus will be hurt, should we grant you that title."

Quickfingers was glad he saw the light. "It would mean no bloodshed. And we would make an excellent ally, supposing the Haidar lions attempt another land grab, or the Lutani otters close off their waterways."

"I can't argue that their threats aren't real. If we see this through, will you agree to protect our tribe?" Somn asked.

"That sounds like a fair trade."

There was a small addendum to the deal: a lavish ceremony where Quickfingers would be able to celebrate this victory.

Gurt met it with resentment, but Somn convinced him to pay his respects. Despite his opposition, Gurt ceded to the true owners of Tanglebrook.


Art by Gryx

While it was official on all records that the rats and wolves were at peace with each other, commoners of both tribes went behind their leaders' backs!

The citizens wouldn't accept a compromise from their leaders--but with the dragons ever watching for signs of war, they had to be far more subversive in their battles.


Art by Count Darkhugs

Will the Alphus wolves get the drop on the Murodian rats? Or will the rats come out on top?

You'll decide their fate in Tanglebrook: Wolves vs. Rats!

Preorders start June 1st!

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ezekiel_tyr on May 21st, 2016 @ 04:05 PM
i like that first picture

LadySikerra on May 21st, 2016 @ 07:01 AM
I love both of their facial expressions in the third image. So much emotion.

Kaia_Cougar on May 19th, 2016 @ 08:03 PM
Loving Simul's art for Quickfingers.

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