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(May 13th, 2016)
Gurt finds a leader? -- Five new art previews!
      by Seppel

The Alphus wolves were divided into two main classes: shamans and hunters. The shamans guided the tribe toward success in the long-term, while the hunters focused more on day-to-day survival.

On the shaman side, there was Somn, the high shaman, and his closest disciple, Chark, the vision ward. While Somn was more of a leader, Chark was a teacher, imbuing his devotees with the ways of the spirits. With his help, they could channel visions of fallen Alphus spirits that nobody else could see.

It was common to see shaman apprentices staring off, as if in thought. But they were seeing more than you could see.


Art by Alastair Wildfire

The hunters were led by Gurt and Trum, two of the Alphus's top hunters. While the shamans focused on the ethereal, hunters were much more physical, especially with each other. And, well, anyone who happened to be walking by.


Art by Tanutanuki

While Trum preferred tactical hunts, Gurt was all about muscle. To him, every problem could be solved with a strong arm. He quickly became a celebrity in his own right, an alpha to look up to.


Art by Simul

Over time, it became difficult to tell whether he had become complacent in his top position. He was fawned over, and he generally didn't have to try as hard as he had in the past to leave his mark.


Art by Frienem

So when Trum came back from the Murodian rat tribe empty-handed, Gurt laughed. He was going to show them how things would go if anyone bothered to put any muscle into their efforts. He figured he'd have an easy time influencing the rats to his bidding.

He was wrong.


Art by spackered

He journeyed to the last known whereabouts of the Murodian settlements. When he spied his first rat, he approached and demanded to talk to the leader of the rats. The rat simply folded her arms and stated plainly, "You should have brought a gift for Quickfingers." The name drew the attention of nearby rats, and Gurt found himself surrounded.

The rats stood up to him, despite his towering physical presence.

Before he became too intimidated, the rat added, "But we can make an exception." A Murodian trade had been transacted without Gurt's knowledge.

The rats escorted him to a clearing, where they instructed him to sit in preparation for a meeting with Quickfingers.

The rats scattered.

Gurt felt he had been tricked, until one rat returned with a scrap of parchment with a written note for him. "From Quickfingers."

As he read the chicken-scratch on the parchment, the rat ran off. Gurt couldn't believe what he was reading, shaking his head. He trekked back to the Alphus camp, thinking of how best to explain the current situation.

Things were about to get messy.

Which side will dominate? Will the Alphus find out how to get their way? Or will the Murodian trickery reign?

You'll decide their fate in Tanglebrook: Wolves vs. Rats!

Preorders start June 1st!

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cuddles on May 16th, 2016 @ 08:47 AM
Hope the wolves think of something quick, or the rats might just take everything.

LadySikerra on May 16th, 2016 @ 07:56 AM
But what did the note say?! Don't leave us hanging!

Kaia_Cougar on May 15th, 2016 @ 10:06 AM
Bring out the facial battalion!

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