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(Aug 3rd, 2015)
Combo Corner: Sareeni and Yuswan!
      by Seppel

Welcome Gen Con players!

I hope you had an awesome convention, because we did too! We went from this:


Look at all that stuff! this:


That's right, from beginners to veterans, you cleaned us out! Thankfully we have more cards to spare in the office. We've already received online orders to get your cards!

We ran beginner tournaments, sealed tournaments, and finally, a late-night constructed tournament! Competition was friendly and fierce!

A harem of all-male Renegades and Meddlers puts the pressure on!

One combo that I saw crop up a lot was Yuswan and Sareeni



Wow! It's rather shocking how well these two play with each other! They both cost 1 GP, so it's easy to get them both into the scene.

To explain just how awesome this combo is, let me explain. First, you can lay down Yuswan and start paying AP to deal direct pleasure to your opponent. He recovers 1 stamina per turn, so you can get an extra shot in each turn. Then along comes Sareeni, who can recover Yuswan's stamina faster.

Wait, that's not all! Sareeni is Feisty, so you'll get 1 extra AP on your next turn, since she's exhausted. Not only is she helping Yuswan recover that stamina, she's also generating the AP to keep using Yuswan's skill!

You're dealing 2 pleasure per turn with this combo, but with each additional Sareeni you add to the scene, you're dealing 1 extra pleasure per turn! With three Sareenis all tending to Yuswan, you can give 4 pleasure per turn, for free!

Sareeni and Yuswan can be found in Brundali Rail Heist booster packs!

Additionally, Sarreni can be found twice in The Full Monte starter deck!

Brundali Rail Heist is available! Get your cards now!

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Draconis on Aug 6th, 2015 @ 12:13 AM
I had an absolute blast at Gen Con. Playing Furoticon pretty much every night was among my greatest highlights of the Convention. It was great to see and hang out with everyone and I had a blast.

So glad that Furoticon was there again this year. I look forward to seeing you all return for Gen Con 2016!

Nezumi12 on Aug 4th, 2015 @ 08:34 PM
thinking i might be blind... pulled a bunch of both from my order and never saw this combo.
and i even made a Fem/OK deck. which i will now be rethinking and probably rebuilding.

KeatonDawner on Aug 4th, 2015 @ 07:41 PM
btw, I LOVE the double Squirrel Tailkiss Studio banner! Thats sooooo epic! Stickers perhaps? or insertable prints to slide into our card binders? Hmm? HMM? ;)

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