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(Jul 28th, 2015)
Play Furo @ Gen Con & Megaplex! & Brundali Rail Heist Pronunciation Guide!
      by Seppel

Anthrocon has come and gone... and now it's time for Gen Con and Megaplex! Wow, time goes by quickly! Iso will be attending Megaplex for us, so stop by his Furoticon table in the dealer room and grab your cards!

If you're looking to play in any Furoticon events this weekend, you'd better sign up quickly! Iso will be taking 20 signups at Megaplex, but signups for Gen Con are already open! If you have a Gen Con badge, you can sign up here.

24 tickets available per event!

In other news, we're down to the last batch of preorders to send out. (There were a LOT this time around!) If you have your cards already, I hope you're enjoying the interweaving stories!

I think now would be a great time for a pronunciation guide!

Brundali: Brun - dah - lee

From left to right...
Cirosouyat: Sear - oh - soo - yat
Tsou: Soo
Salacca: Suh - la - kuh
Bokeh: Bo - kuh

From left to right...
Asyari: Ah - see - ar - ee
Wahid: wa - heed
Oromet: Or - uh - met
Plumeria: Ploo - mare - ee - uh

From left to right...
Rambutan: Ram - boo - tan
Tulatu: Too - la - too

From left to right...
Meilianhari: Mel - lee - anna - har - ee
Bandjar: Ban - jar

Are there any other cards in Brundali Rail Heist that you're curious about? Leave a comment below!

Brundali Rail Heist is available! Get your cards now!

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rainydaydance on Aug 1st, 2015 @ 02:52 PM
I wish I wasn't a broke college student!!

LadySikerra on Jul 29th, 2015 @ 11:11 AM
Nice, I was pronouncing most of these names correctly already. Though a guide like this is super helpful and awesome.

Gamerwolf85 on Jul 29th, 2015 @ 03:42 AM
Very helpful. Thank you. Also hope the next few cons go good.

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