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(Jul 7th, 2015)
The Big Brundali Wrap-up, Part 3! Seven new card previews!
      by Mage Torment

Herms sure got a lot of love in the spoilers this time around. Between the reprints, main cast, and auction winners, most of their best cards have already been spoiled. So for this last Spoiler Wrap-Up we're covering both Herms and Otherkind for a double header spoiler!

You'll see all the odds and ends of the Herms tomorrow with the full spoiler. For now, there's one last card I want to talk about...


For the player who doesn't want to share Shared Experiences. Stacked Hand increases the draws and discards of every player. Got a deck full of cards that force opponents to discard? Increase the pressure on them by making them discard more. Got a deck stacked with draw skills? Put that thing into overdrive. But be careful, Stacked Hand makes no distinction between friend or foe, so if you're not careful you can just as easily give your opponent a boost or send more cards from your hand to the couch. But that's the power of Herm randomness!

Now, let's talk about the Otherkind. Remember that crocodilian lady Wahid was bribing? That's Darla, the Madam of the brothel car and Rambutan's boss.


You don't take Darla lightly. Tulatu and Rambutan have absurd amounts of reliable recovery, but if handled properly, Darla can gain even more stamina. The first few turns likely won't see much in the way of recovery, but once you get a feel for what's in your opponent's hand, it gets easier and easier to hit that +10 trigger.

Even better, she gets a peek every time she recovers, not just from her Relaxed skill, but from any stamina gain. So if you have other recovery effects, she becomes even more resilient!

She's not the only Relaxed Furre in the brothel...


Meet the sisters. They're both Relaxed. That's right, Relaxed stacks, meaning these two teasing troublemakers get +2 stamina every turn. But you weren't looking at that top line, were you? Some of you may recoil at the idea of pitching your entire hand. Think of all those cards you're just throwing out. But remember, this is Otherkind we're talking about. To them, every trash is a treasure. Even the most spent of Furres can be coaxed back onto the scene.

Speaking of...


The more Furres they see playing around, the easier it will be to bring them back. But at 1 stamina, they may not last too long. Keep in mind, that's 1 stamina, not 1 max stamina. Relaxed and Tantric Furres can bring themselves back, and Multi-Orgasmic Furres won't have that pesky -5 max stamina counter, so they'll be back... again. Or if you really want to reach back, draw from the otters of Tanglebrook and quell them back to max.

By the way, Multi-Orgasmic furres?


Fuck ‘em. We're talking Herms and Otherkind today.


Finally, a good reward for keeping your Furres at Max Stamina. With Prim and Proper you have control over the bed step! A single point of pleasure can make the difference between participating and being forced out of bed. So team up with Meddlers and the Rear Admiral to really keep Furres out of bed.

For maximum evil, pair this with a fully leveled Barhoomi, Overt Flirts, or Beastrider. But be careful, your opponent can turn the tables on you with those very same cards.

Meddlers, Conductors, Surprises... this is all getting complicated. If only there were a way to stop it all!


Fuck skills, fuck Surprises, fuck everything; let's keep it simple. Irmandar doesn't take kindly to fancy tricks.

Now, as a clarification, your opponents can play surprises and activate their skills in response to you playing Irmandar, but seeing the dino come charging in means it's last call. Once it drops, nothing else can be played for the turn. No more surprises now!

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LadySikerra on Jul 9th, 2015 @ 07:07 PM
I agree with blizleopard. Something about the words "surprise dinosaur" just makes me smile.

ezekiel_tyr on Jul 8th, 2015 @ 03:55 PM
dang that some shutdown abilitys there

cuddles on Jul 8th, 2015 @ 04:35 AM
I love the Slime Sisters. Just find a way to make them greedy, and you get a new hand.

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