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(Jul 6th, 2015)
The Big Brundali Wrap-up, Part 2! Seven new card previews!
      by Mage Torment

We've already seen the elegance of Meilianhari and the energy of Plumeria, so today we're looking at the tricks and treats that the girls of Brundali Rail Heist bring to the table. Welcome to the Spoiler Wrap-Up, part 2.


The Tireless Furres of Heist have an advantage over their predecessors. Unlike the Furres in other sets, who rely on their own boundless energy, the Brundali Tireless Furres are paired with Constructs, each with their own unique talents. Now the history of Constructs goes back to Creyta and Deeka in Fortune at Vell's End, but Salacca and Cirosouyat have perfected the art.


Under their guidance, your Tireless Furres are able to take full advantage of their inexhaustible energy. Make Meddling and Intimidation harder with a harem of Submissives, or just enjoy the knowledge that no matter how much AP you spend, you'll still be set to take on everyone.

But why emphasize so much on Constructs if that only affects Tireless Furres?


Have you ever looked at your opponent's side of the table and thought "that needs to go"? Well, load up on the Tireless Furres of Heist and watch as your opponent's harem throws themselves to your mechanical marvels. You don't specifically need Furres that are both Tireless and Constructs -- Tireless Furres will Lure and regular Constructs will still take no pleasure, but having them both can easily turn bed-step into a one-sided spectacular.

For those who see a Magnetic Pull dropped against you, don't panic. It may be one of the most powerful cards in Heist, but it's not unstoppable. Lure doesn't affect exhausted Furres, so finding ways to turn your harem sideways can keep key Furres safe (Meddlers, Conductors and Fellowship Leaders have a particularly easy time of this). Alternatively, you can play skills and surprises to burn through your AP. But if your opponent is wild enough to field The Rat Queens or Aleu Moonshadow with their Constructs... well they've pretty much earned that win.


On the more defensive side of Females we have this pricy Alteration, engineered by the Duke himself. Give this treat to a Furre to make for an incredible stall-wall, or arm a Tireless Furre to make them last all night. For the player with expensive tastes, double down with Suspension Bondage to make a nearly insatiable bondage beast. Don't feel like paying the high price? Cheat it into the scene with Furres like Sel Roa!


But enough about Tireless, let's talk Multi-Orgasmic. As much as I love this card, there really isn't all that much to talk about. Soft and Slow gives your Multi-Orgasmic Furre an extra orgasm, but that's about it. The only thing to point out is it can only target Furres. Why does that matter? Well...


Behold, the wackiest card in the set. Tailored Elegance gives you a second chance at the game. There's a lot to unpack with this card, so let's dig right in. First off, this card only triggers when you hit 0 stamina, so opponents breaking it will get you nothing, and if we ever print cards that make players instantly win or lose, they will bypass this card. When it does trigger, all your cards in the scene and on your couch are gone. Just sweep them all aside. (The cards in your hand stay in your hand.)

To keep you from just getting bent over again, you get to take 5 Havens and/or Furres from what you just lost. Keep in mind, it's 5 cards total, not 5 of each, so choose wisely. Think you can make a comeback with just 5 Furres and nothing else? Shine on you wacky diamond.


But you're not the only one with wacky Multi-Orgasmic skills. Like Cirosouyat and Salacca, the Multi-O Furres in this set have powerful " enters the scene" skills. While we don't have time to go over each in detail, we do have time to show off the returning Duplicat, Tolingale.

Unlike her Vanilla counterpart, Tolingale can't copy stamina, so she loses a little something when copying big Furres. What she loses in stamina, she more than makes up for in skill. No matter who she copies, she keeps her Multi-Orgasmic skill, meaning she doesn't copy just once. Since she leaves the scene during her Multi-O trigger, that means you get to copy a second Furre! So get ready to double your copying fun when this cat comes back.

Tomorrow we'll wrap up the last of the Brundali cards before the set is fully spoiled!

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Magetorment on Jul 8th, 2015 @ 10:16 PM
Yes, with Magnetic Pull your constructs will still give pleasure but take none in return. So you will sit quite pretty.

dranson13 on Jul 8th, 2015 @ 02:46 AM
clones are the best strategy in the existence of card games, in my opinion at least

ezekiel_tyr on Jul 7th, 2015 @ 06:01 PM
so questions one if with all construct furres and use the mag card and the other person trys to defend does that mean they just take the full on hit and you sit pritty with all your stam?

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