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(Jul 1st, 2015)
Auction Winners of Brundali Rail Heist! Five new card previews!
      by Mage Torment

Long-time fans of Furoticon know that once per set, we open up auctions to let players insert their original characters into the game. Some winners are players who help design their card while others are more interested in seeing people's hands on their character's naughty bits (or their character's naughty bits in player's hands, depending on how you want to see it). No matter their motivation, we have four new auction winners for this set, plus a very special fifth. It's new card time!


Roshiyu certainly stands out from the rest of his species. He may be our only male rat, but he'll still get any bonuses from the cards printed in Tanglebrook. Though I doubt he'd object to being the only Male around, since his Frigid keeps him from playing with the fellas. But as a Renegade he'd rather be going into opposing harems alone, instead of with the swarms that the Tanglebrook rodents like to move in.


Pheen the phoenix swoops in to deliver his goods. On its own these shadows give all your treats a 1 AP discount, but the more treats you have the more these shades do for you. If you're the kind of player who can't have enough toys then Pheen is a bird you want to have around. Take note that Pheen's Shadows only reduces the AP cost to play Treats, not the GP cost. You'll still need your GP in order to get anything done.


What a mouthful! Kyr'vali is here to claim some booty and show that bats suck in all the right ways. Like the bats that came before hir, shi feeds off her foes with the Tantric skill, but that's not hir only trick. Shi's a good captain and knows how to lead hir crew to the skies and beyond. Shi gives others hir Tantric skill, making them just as draining as shi is. And just because they're already Tantric doesn't mean shi can't teach them a thing or two. A Furre can be Tantric twice and gain double the pleasure they gave! That'll make your Furres nearly unstoppable!

Rules Note: if a Furre hits 0 stamina, even for a split second, it immediately goes to the couch, even if it was Tantric.


Feel like your opponent's Furres have more stamina than they know what to do with? Feel like your Furres deserve that stamina more? Dickbitch Molly is here to help. With hir training you can drain away the stamina from your opponent's harem and give it to Furres that really need it (i.e. yours). Plus, it's a Feisty Treat, so if there's nothing worth draining, you can leave it exhausted, turning it into an AP battery for your other cards. It's win-win!


Here's a special case. If you've played in our webcam tournaments or been to our in-person events there's a good chance you've met this lovely silver fox. Raishi has been a pillar (hurr hurr hurr) of the Furoticon community since the beginning and has helped us out on more occasions than we can count. So as a very special thank you to our top-ranked player, we brought hir into the game. Fans of our really old stuff may recognize that ability though. That's right, it's Raishi's signature card Little Thief! That sneaky fox straight up stole the Thief, can you belief that?

Know what else you can't believe? Pre-order bonuses end today, July 1st! Order now for bonus cards and promos! By that I mean, like, right now. If you wait you won't get the amazing freebies! Pick-ups at Anthrocon are available for all purchases.

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LadySikerra on Jul 5th, 2015 @ 03:07 PM
These cards are all fantastic, both for their art and what they do, but I think Dickbitch Molly's Training is my favorite. Though Raishi is a close second.

dranson13 on Jul 2nd, 2015 @ 01:40 PM
not this set, this game

dranson13 on Jul 2nd, 2015 @ 01:40 PM
can i just say, the bats of this set, are amazing

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