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(Jun 24th, 2015)
The Havens of Brundali Rail Heist! 11 new Brundali card previews!
      by Mage Torment

Ever since we posted the checklist for Brundali Rail Heist, there's been one thing I keep hearing from the fans: "What do the new havens do?" "What about the havens?" "These new cards are cool, but what about the havens though?" Well, your voices haven been heard. Behold, the new havens!


Gorgeous, aren't they? I particularly like the new heights, how it visually distinct it is and how immediately it pops out at you. Might be my favorite heights we've printed to-date.

Alright, there's your update for today, join us again tomorrow for more updates...


I should stop being a tease.

We made two cycles of havens for this set. The first, as many of you have likely guessed, are dual-gender havens. Now some of you may expect something like the Fortune at Vell's End duals. The problem with that is that we've got a lot of skills in this set and not that many havens. So, we decided to mix up the triggers a bit.


Clickity-clack down the track, here comes lots and lots of havens!

So let's break these down a bit. Like the Vell's End duals, they cost 9 AP, and they produce either one gender point, or both under the right conditions. This time though, the state of the Furres they're looking at doesn't matter, only that you have at least 2. So it's all a numbers game this time around. Also keep in mind it says "or", not "and" with those skills, meaning you don't need both skills to get the bonus. Your Brundali Express with trigger with only Tireless Furres, and your Ellusory will get you both genders even if you only have a bunch of Meddlers with no Renegades. But, you need two Furre cards. Even though Cirosouyat and Salacca are both Tireless and Multi-Orgasmic, they won't trigger The Brundali Express on their own.

But wait, you may be saying, those are only uncommons. What about the rares? Well, when I mentioned on the spoiler thread that we're reprinting 4 old cards, immediately thoughts when to the double GP Havens from 1st and 2nd, and with good reason. Those cards are some of the best havens for the early-game and are highly sought-after. Well, we're not reprinting those.

"But Mage, you just said you aren't reprinting them. Gleaming Grasslands does exactly the same thing as Outer Moorlands. What gives?"

Well, yes. The Grasslands are a functional reprint of the original Outer Moorlands, meaning you can play a full 3 of each in a deck if you wanted. Why would we do this and not just reprint Outer Moorlands?

Let's pull the curtain back and give you all a little behind-the-scenes look at development. When we sat down to put this set together, we knew we wanted to bring the double-havens back. It'd been far too long since they've seen print and they're fantastic cards. But, we decided early on that a 5 cost didn't really fit each gender. The idea, of sorts, is that each of these Havens should have such a draw to their gender that there's a backlash.

Raw pleasure is a very Male thing, so only one of these havens was getting that, and if we just reprinted Outer Moorlands, that would put males at a disadvantage, since the other three genders could play with both the old and new havens.

That's right, the other genders' Havens do new things.


Breakdown and clarification time! Barren Beach locks you out from drawing, period. Even if you play Syrrah, Sukouri's Bonus, or Call Friends, you're prevented from drawing until the end of your next turn. Opponents can't make you draw either, so no Shared Experiences even. So make sure you've got stuff to play on your next turn before dropping this.


Pallid Peaks is a bit more straight-forward. You basically put your top-deck cards in the hands of your opponent. My advice is to follow this up with a Spread and Begging to reshuffle your deck. If you're in a free-for-all, you can choose who does the reordering, so choose the player you're not sending your Furres after. Remember, it says "opponent," so if you're in a team match you can't pick your partner.


Whispering Woods has the greatest opportunity for being used to your advantage. You have to Misplace 2 cards, which means there's a chance you'll lose your valuable cards. But this can be good! Any treats you misplace are fresh pickings for Troubled Tiger, and if you're running a Female-Otherkind deck, the misplace is just what you need for Cirosouyat and Salacca, Sex Addict, Reed, or any of the other couch-recovering cards!

Go all in! Brundali Rail Heist is available for preorder! Order your cards now!

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dranson13 on Jun 29th, 2015 @ 02:40 PM
hights makes my physics hurt

Zeneth_Starr on Jun 28th, 2015 @ 12:50 PM
Love the art in these.

And made my previous order for my bonus.

Gamerwolf85 on Jun 26th, 2015 @ 01:54 AM
The art is fantastic. The card effects are well balanced. Also I do like that the double gender havens have different drawbacks for each style. The multi gender havens are much more solid and playable. As alwaysgreat ideas on the new cards, and looking forward to seeing more wonderful cards and art work in the future.

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