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(Jun 20th, 2015)
A crew of thieves! Three new Brundali card previews!
      by Mage Torment

We've seen what Bokeh and Tsou can do when they're together, but how good are they apart? You've seen their names on the checklist, so you know they're coming. It's time to meet the main crew!


Bokeh is a raccoon who can think on the fly and change his plans when things don't go just right. He has the Meddling tricks to keep opposing furres out of bed, but with enough AP they can get past his willy ways. That's when plan B comes in (the B stands for 'butt'), and he'll jump back up to be ready to put out, in case those meddled Furres come looking for your rear next turn. Of course you can always be tricky and give him alterations that make him exhaust, to make your opponents think twice before ignoring his meddles.

But what of his partner in crime? Where does Tsou fit into all this?


If there's one thing Tsou's good at, it's getting the team to work together. Drop Tsou down and you can rapid-fire all your Meddles, Fellowships, Conducts, or whatever else you have handy. You only get 10 for the turn, but ask yourself, when was the last time your had more than 10 skills lying around anyway? Now the big sticking point is that 10 AP cost. Even with all those discounted skills you probably won't have much AP left for swinging.

Ah, but read Tsou closely. It's when Tsou enters the scene, not when Tsou's played. So, tricking him into play with cards like Sex Addict or Juuba (remember, the Belly technically isn't the Scene) you get Tsou's effect again, for free. Just picture the meddling mayhem you can cause with that!

But all the meddling in the world is for naught if you don't have a good Furre swinging. That's where Wahid comes into play.


This smiling dog with the silver tongue knows exactly what to give the player who has everything. Wahid is one of the most ravishing of the Renegades, capable of dishing out absurd amounts of pleasure for his cost. If the Meddlers do their jobs and Wahid gets in, he'll give a respectable 7 pleasure to start. Give him what he needs to grease some palms and he'll lay on a second dosage of pleasure, this time equal to the cards in the opponent's hand. Now you may be thinking that's just 7 more pleasure at most, and that's only if your opponent has a full hand.

But if you pair Wahid with cards like Hundred Orgasm Seal or Shared Experiences, you can make your opponent have cards in their hand, even above and beyond the usual 7 card limit!

Go all in! Brundali Rail Heist is available for preorder! Order your cards now!

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Gamerwolf85 on Jun 22nd, 2015 @ 02:10 PM
These cards look fantastic. Almost a little scared to see them put into play.

polkakitty on Jun 22nd, 2015 @ 12:17 AM
Something funny just occurred to me. So far we haven't seen any cards that can create Raccoon tokens (I guess it's probably Gaze of Raccoons, or maybe The Kerno Headquarters that creates them?) so we haven't seen what stats and skills they have. But if the Raccoon tokens have Meddler or something, they could make for an incredible combo along with Chief Tsou (who, with Eager and his highest PE at 8, is also ideally suited to take advantage of your opponent's defenses being down for a turn.)

It would be great from a flavor perspective as well: you could move your Raccoons into place over the course of the game, wait for the perfect moment to strike, and then entrap your opponent's defenders as your strongest Furres, along with Chief Tsou, move in for the big score.

blizleopard on Jun 21st, 2015 @ 09:02 AM
I still have to compliment Ifus on his style. I rather love the movie-quality feel of it.

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