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(Jun 14th, 2015)
Blast from the past! Four new Brundali card previews!
      by Mage Torment

Sometimes you need to look back to look forward. Today we're going to bring out a blast from the past to make your beds rock. No, I'm not talking about a surprise dinosaur theme--


Damn it!

--I'm talking about some cards players haven't seen in a long, long time. Now with shiny new art! Drop the flash-back-bomb.


A job's not done unless it's done right. With Rimjob on the table your opponent loses access to anything that goes to the couch. Is Multi-O a problem? Just one and done now. Worried someone's Sex Addict? Show them the rear door.


I'm a Lesbian brings denial back to the ladies, giving the female players the power to swat down any Male, Herm, or Otherkind tricks. But be warned, it'll do nothing to stop cards that are even partially Female. So cards like All Mine, Night's End, and Looking for Love won't be denied. Know what will be? Literally any action or treat without the red borders!


If things are ever getting too complicated, just calm everything down with Vanilla Playtime. Make every Furre any player controls just plain ol' Furres. No Tireless, no Multi-Orgasmic, no Feisty, nothing. Or, if you want to be really tricky, wait until the start of bed and drop this. Suddenly those Submissive Furres cost 1 to put out or those Dominant Furres cost 1 to swing. Don't get too excited, Playtime doesn't turn off Treats, so any buffs they're giving stick around. Also, any actions they play AFTER Vanilla Playtime (like Take One From the Team or Day of Ascension) will give boosts, but anything played BEFORE Vanilla Playtime gets turned off.


Now is the perfect time to see these old cards resurface. Bukakke was really expensive for its time, leaving it a bit overlooked. But charge it up with a bunch of Feisty Furres and you can throw your entire harem right at your opponent!


Suddenly all that AP makes more sense.

Even without Feisty Furres, there's tons of uses for Bukakke. Did Behemoth do his job and he needs to be shown the door? Throw him at your opponent. Syrrah can't get past the other owner's playthings? Throw her at your opponent. Got a million billion fox tokens sitting around being hot and not much else? Toss down a few Fox Holes or Men's Locker Rooms and then throw them at your opponent!

So, that's four old cards with a new look. Even players who've been with us a while might not recognize these classics. I'm a Lesbian hasn't seen play since 2nd Vanilla and the other three were left behind in 1st Edition! That's the entire game ago!

Extra special bonus for everyone!

This is our 1000th update to the Furoticon website! So, as a treat, we're giving you the checklist for Brundali Rail Heist early! Now you all get to see the names of the new cards. What do they all do? Wait and see to find out!

But you won't have to wait too long. That's right, super special double-extra update, we're going to be putting up the full card spoiler before Anthrocon! That means you'll be able to everything before the big launch! So if you're the type who likes to come prepared you can get all the pieces lined up so you'll have just the right kind of decks for our tournaments at the con!

Want to see more or catch up on the cards already revealed? Check out our Heist previews to see what you've missed and join in the speculation on the forums. And don't forget to check out our deck construction board to get ideas and the trading board to wheel and deal for all those hard-to-find goodies to complete your decks.

Pre-order bonuses are still available! Get yours today and walk away with free booster packs and promo cards!

Tune in tomorrow for more spoilery goodness!

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RainbowKitten on Jun 15th, 2015 @ 10:35 PM
OMG!!!! I am so excited for Rimjob to be reprinted!!! Now to work it into my mill deck...

ezekiel_tyr on Jun 15th, 2015 @ 08:54 PM
oh man that last redone card is so cheap lol if you can get it out

Lafitte on Jun 15th, 2015 @ 12:01 PM
Interesting, I see male raccoon tokens. I wonder what that's going to all be about? Air pirates I'm guessing?

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