Advice for selling/trading

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Advice for selling/trading

Post by Sangie » Wed May 18, 2016 1:09 am

If this needs to be moved, go ahead. Sorry if it's in the wrong thread.

I have been playing Furoticon for nearly five years now and wanting to offload a lot of dupes, rares, and sets I don't play with anymore. Most of my playing is at conventions as everyone in Texas is too stuffy to consider playing Furoticon.

I'm debating between putting the whole lot up on Furbuy or doing group or batch trades over these forums. I'm wondering about different experiences people have and what they suggest.

I have cards from all sets available, including 1st vanilla, and several intact starter decks too.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Re: Advice for selling/trading

Post by KeatonDawner » Wed May 18, 2016 8:52 am

Well it all depends on your ultimate goal really. If you're looking to completely pull out, then best advice I could give would be batch sales on Furbuy. You could always do it by set (Listed as complete or incomplete) and if you have starters and unopened boosters they could either go in one by themselves (per set) or included with the set.

The more you separate it, the more auctions you'll have, the more opportunity there is for folks to get the cards they're after (and should generate more money than just one big lumped auction)

On the other hand. If you're not willing to completely part with your collection, you could always write up a stock list like many of us have and set some ground rules and methods of payment. I personally have my entire stock up and am usually willing to work with folks on most things so long as they dont break up a set or if I have only one of something. Payments in the trade business can include trades for other cards, Furos, or even cash (I find Paypal works best). The pros of this option are ppl can get specific cards they need, if you're interested in set completion, its better. The Cons of this are pacing....sales are slow and sometimes far between, less for profit and more for set completion, nicer for the casual salesman :p

So yea, those are just a few routes you could all comes down to what you want out of these sales and how much you're willing to offload.

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