This owl is opening up his forge. (edited layout of cards)

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This owl is opening up his forge. (edited layout of cards)

Post by Drofgod969 » Tue Oct 02, 2012 2:59 am

Use to selling things are made out of harder stuff... But flesh and leather seems like fun. Have a look around and tell me if you see anything you like.

(Shamelessly stolen from CaptainBozo. ^^)
You MUST make an order of at least 1000 Furos, or pay 3 dollars shipping. This store is currently based in Long Island, New York, United States. I reserve the right to deny a sale to any person for any reason.

My prices are as follows (Unless specially marked):

:2ndrare: Rares - 450 Furos
:2nduncommon: Uncommons (Including Starter-Onlys) - 200 Furos
:2ndcommon: Commons - 80 Furos

All prices are unit prices.

If the card starts with 'The', Go to the next word. I ignore that or there would be a list of just 'The' in my lists.

Rare :rare:
[c]Leashed Servant[/c] x1 900
[c]Paw Pumper[/c] x1 1500
[c]Proper Greetings[/c] x1 1000

Uncommon :uncommon:
[c]Claw-Paw[/c] x2 300
[c]Great porn Dragon[/c] x1 1000
[c]Stroke The Ego[/c] x11000
[c]Titties![/c] x1 300
[c]Troubled Tiger[/c] x1 300

Common :common:
[c]Curiosity[/c] x2 200
[c]Duocorn[/c] x1 200
[c]Fetcher[/c] x1 200
[c]Hard Worker[/c] x1 200
[c]Idara[/c] x1
[c]Kitsune Mistune[/c] x1 200
[c]Lingerie Lizzard[/c] x1 200
[c]Pilfered Pages[/c] x1 x2
[c]Pool of Tranquility[/c] x1 x2
[c]Sweet Lioness[/c] x1
[c]Teasing Todger[/c] x1 x2 300
[c]Timidity[/c] x1
Rare :trare:
[c]Exile[/c] x1 1000
[c]Flare Starfire[/c] x1 1000
[c]Nipple Clamps[/c] x1 1000
[c]Pen Jiri[/c] x2 800

Uncommon :tuncommon:
[c]Derotto[/c] Tcl x2
[c]Divided Attention[/c] x2 300
[c]Eiko[/c] x1 300
[c]Early to Rise[/c] x2
[c]Kashtine d'Goan[/c] x1 400
[c]Leavan's Generosity[/c] x1
[c]Marik[/c] x1 500
[c]Myss Nuno[/c] x4
[c]Rock-Bone[/c] x1 300
[c]Tomorrow's Welts[/c] x2 500

Starter :tso:

Common :tcommon:
[c]Arman'ka[/c] x3
[c]Audi d'Goan[/c] x2
[c]Block Slave #8[/c] x2
[c]Block Slave #13[/c] x2
[c]Body Sack[/c] x2
[c]Carriage Retainer[/c] x3 150
[c]Choke Chain[/c] x1
[c]Corner Whore[/c] x1 150
[c]Dram[/c] x2
[c]Feline Cockslut[/c] x1 200
[c]Glisten[/c] x3 150
[c]Guard Chirdon[/c] x3
[c]Guard Mogi[/c] x1
[c]Guild Avila[/c] x2
[c]Handcuffs[/c] x1
[c]Heavy Paddle[/c] x1 150
[c]Holding the Whip[/c] x3
[c]Isgora, Innkeeper[/c] x1
[c]Jamlin d'Gaar[/c] x1
[c]Lir Ruka[/c] x3
[c]Muzzle[/c] x4
[c]Necro[/c] x1 150
[c]Nigel d'Goan[/c] x2 150
[c]November[/c] x3
[c]Polite Refusal[/c] x1 200
[c]Rozz'ka[/c] x4
[c]Slums Drunk[/c] x1 200
[c]Tel Pirra[/c] x2
[c]Trantric Training[/c] x1 200
[c]Unlatch[/c] x1 150
Rare :2ndrare:
[c]Everthrob[/c] x1 1000
[c]The Grapevine[/c] x0 1000
[c]Gushing Geyser[/c] x2 1000
[c]Lap Dog[/c] x1 600
[c]Thib and Malachi[/c] x1 1500

Uncommon :2nduncommon:
[c]Blayze[/c] x1
[c]Claircoyance[/c] x1 400
[c]Early to Rise[/c] x2
[c]The Gay[/c] x1
[c]Lai Vara[/c] x2 600
[c]Leash Tugger[/c] x1 400
[c]Marin[/c] x1
[c]Marlii the Librarian[/c] x1 400
[c]Skelington Key[/c] x3
[c]Theft of the Rabbit[/c] x1 500
[c]Togetherness[/c] x1

Common :2ndcommon:
[c]Aurora[/c] x1
[c]Beauty Sleep[/c] x2
[c]Caught with Pants Down[/c] x1 200
[c]Cold Shower[/c] x1
[c]D-snake[/c] x2 150
[c]Duocorn[/c] x1 200
[c]Full French Ferret[/c] x2
[c]Grizzwald[/c] x1 200
[c]Heavy Paddle[/c] x2 150
[c]Idara[/c] x2
[c]Kaji[/c] x1 150
[c]Leonardo[/c] x1 150
[c]Lily Tyla[/c] x1 200
[c]Lingerie Lizzard[/c] x1 150
[c]Rejected[/c] x2
[c]Reverse Cowegirl[/c] x3
[c]Shun[/c] x1
[c]Sixty-nine[/c] x1 200
[c]Sour Samantha[/c] x1
[c]Spitty-kitty[/c] x1 150
[c]Terry[/c] x2
[c]Thrust[/c] x2 150
[c]Viagrate[/c] x1
[c]Wicked Wolf[/c] x1 200
[c]Yarl the Voyer[/c] x2
Rare :tanrare:
[c]Azira Firestoker[/c] x1 600
[c]Barrier and Shield[/c] x1 1000
[c]Cai[/c] x1 600
[c]Ibbard the Stalker[/c] x1
[c]Lutani Volleyball Team[/c] x1 900
[c]Packmaster Gurt[/c] x1 1000
[c]Timber Marsh[/c] x2 900

Uncommon :tanuncommon:
[c]Clutch Mother[/c] x1 400
[c]Dickscouting[/c] x1
[c]Magical Afterglow[/c] x1 300
[c]Otter Spring[/c] x1
[c]Perfidious Lovers[/c] x1 300
[c]Repulsed Wolves[/c] x1
[c]River Guide Jama[/c] x1 400
[c]Sow the Seeds[/c] x1 300
[c]Suspicious Otters[/c] x2
[c]Untouchable[/c] x2 300

Starter :tanso:
[c]Join the Team[/c] 300
[c]Lazy Nel[/c] x2 300
[c]Luxurious Ride[/c] x2 300
[c]Taneka, Lutani Elder[/c] 300

Common :tancommon:
[c]Alphus Shaman[/c] x1
[c]Breathing Room[/c] x2
[c]Camp Overseer[/c] x2
[c]Haidar Marksman[/c] x2
[c]Hungry Harvester[/c] x2 150
[c]Huntmaster[/c] x3
[c]Huntress Itani[/c] x2
[c]Kanette[/c] x1
[c]Kinship Studio[/c] x2 200
[c]Knotgripper[/c] x2 150
[c]Koali[/c] x2
[c]Lionblazer[/c] x1 150
[c]The Monolith[/c] x1 150
[c]Lutani cocksluts[/c] x5
[c]Packrat[/c] x1
[c]Paying Respects[/c] x3
[c]Pini[/c] x1
[c]Pownsi[/c] x1 200
[c]Snare Trap[/c] x1 200
[c]Sudden Shift[/c] x2
[c]Thieving Twins[/c] x1
[c]Three's Company[/c] x2
[c]Tunnelbider[/c] x2
[c]Two's a Crowd[/c] x1
[c]Vriga[/c] x1 150
If there are any Errors with card links let me know so i can fix asap.
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Re: This owl is opening up his forge. (Not yet fully stocked

Post by captainbozo » Tue Oct 02, 2012 4:36 pm

Just a hint, but you should consider marking which cards are First Vanilla :3

Bozo's Furo Store! Rare cards no one else offers!

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