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[Sebastian] Complete Walkthrough

Posted: Wed Jul 25, 2018 11:41 am
by Seppel

Only view this if you're absolutely stuck. The entire game will be spoiled for you.

This guide is separated into sections so you don't accidentally spoil something you don't want to.

Many of these sections can be completed in any order. Prerequisites are listed if necessary.

If you spot something inaccurate, please reply in this thread and I'll get it corrected.

- Swamp: View the tentacles
- Molecular Biology: Examine the tentacles
Prerequisite: complete Section 1.
Call 1
- Dorm: Check school newspaper
- Dorm: Call Strawberry

Call 2 (wait a few days after Call 1)
- Dorm: Call Strawberry

Call 3 (requires Call 2 and Tongs from Section 7)
- Molecular Biology: Check hole with tongs
- Dorm: Call Strawberry

Calls 4, 5, and 6 (wait a few days after Call 3)
- Dorm: Call Strawberry
- Molecular Biology: Examine Samples
- Dorm: Call Strawberry
- Dorm: Post on Cougarslist
- Molecular Biology: Talk to Soap to get keycard
- Dorm: Call Strawberry

Optional Call 7 (complete Section 5 and Section 10)
- Dorm: Call Strawberry
Prerequisite: complete Strawberry Call 1.
- Visit Linga multiple times, making her happier each time. Once she's fully happy, she'll give you instructions. Follow them.
- Dorm: Call Strawberry
(wait a few days)
- Dorm: Call Strawberry
- Pottery: Get the apron
- Dorm: Wash the apron
- Cooking: Give apron to Guy
- Dorm: Sign up for baking (remember what day is Baking day)
- Photography: Get apple
- Cooking: Make apple cake (make sure it's Baking day)
- Cooking: Make vanilla cake (make sure it's Baking day; can be done on same day as apple cake)
- Computer Programming: Visit on any day except Hump Day. Shoulder surf Noel.
- Computer Programming: Visit on Hump Day. Use the password.
Prerequisite: complete Section 4 and Section 5.
- Gender Studies: Make Suleimet happy. Don't hug her tail. (can be completed before prerequisites)
- Gender Studies: Give Suleimet the Apple Cake.
- Gender Studies: Ask about tentacles
- Dorm: Crack the password
Prerequisite: complete Section 6.
- Computer Programming: Visit on any day other than Hump Day.
Make Noel happy. You'll be asked for a mug.
- Cooking: Do the dishes (or whatever option gives you the Broken Mug)
- Cooking: Help Guy (or whatever option gives you the Tongs)
- Administration: Offer to help (or whatever option gives you the Water Jug)
- Dorm: Fill water jug
- Pottery: Use Mug Handle, Tongs, and Water Jug.
- Computer Programming: Visit on any day other than Hump Day. Give Mug.
- Computer Programming: Visit on Hump Day. Get under the desk.
Prerequisite: complete Section 6 and get Tongs from Section 7.
- Photography: Ask about tentacles
- Molecular Biology: Check hole with tongs
- Photography: Give lens
Prerequisite: complete Section 7 and Section 8.
- Pottery: Fill mug base
- Music Appreciation: Use mug base
- Dorm: Study music
Prerequisite: complete Section 8
- Men's Locker Room: Help out the team (can be done at any time)
- Men's Locker Room: Use vanilla cake (can be done as soon as you have the vanilla cake)
- Men's Locker Room: Drop tongs (can be done as soon as you used the tongs in section 8)
- Men's Locker Room: Ask to move the lockers
- Men's Locker Room: Go down the staircase
Prerequisite: complete Section 2, Section 3, and Section 10
- Men's Locker Room: Visit on Stay Day. Descend.
- Men's Locker Room: Set the BPM and knock with E's.
You can visit the College Gift Shop from the Dorm. These items allow you to skip through puzzles to get to the good stuff.

Metronome: Skips section 3.
- You never have to visit Linga. Sebastian will automatically use the Metronome during the endgame.

Chocolate Strawberry Cheesecake: Skips section 4.
- Simply go to Suleimet and give the Cheesecake to her. You don't even need to make her happy.

Eyeglass Repair Kit: Skips Section 7.
- First visit Noel and give him the Kit, then you can skip to visiting Noel on hump day. You still need to grab the tongs.

Free Piano Tuning Service Coupon: Skips Section 9.
- First visit Catalina and give the Coupon to her, then you skip the entirety of Section 9.

36 Viagrate Pills: Skips section 10, gives hidden scene.
- Go to the Men's Locker Room and break out the Viagrate!
- You still need to have completed section 6 to move the lockers.

Doorstop: Skips Strawberry calls 5, 6, and 7, and gives you access to the Men's Locker Room on Stay Day.

Re: [Sebastian] Complete Walkthrough

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2018 10:18 am
by Telivisedat0m27
I cant seem to find the how do i get the mug out from the kiln...