Pay to Score?

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Pay to Score?

Post by Taz » Tue Feb 21, 2017 10:49 pm

Yesterday I decided to splurge on the 1500 Furos Strawberry book. The 500 Furos one had been an interesting read, at least, and the 1500 one sounded like a particularly useful item to make the endgame task that much easier. For the remainder of my time in the library, I waited until after hours and proceeded to ask Gloria for my third piece of fellatio advice. Normally such a thing would prove to be a modest increase to my score, but overnight my score went from 605 all the way to 752! Given that the only other thing I had done was buy the book, might it be that book purchases influence leaderboard score, and if so, how is that balanced with people who can't afford to dump their Furos into this?
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Re: Pay to Score?

Post by UrzaMTG » Wed Feb 22, 2017 7:08 am

The way I understand it, the paid for materials do give you a score boost, but they are still entirely optional. I never bought any of them, myself, and I was able to finish Strawberry's adventure.

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Re: Pay to Score?

Post by Seppel » Wed Feb 22, 2017 7:37 am

Urza is correct. None of the pay items are required to beat the game. If you want to get a perfect 1,000 score in Strawberry's Adventure, however, you will have to get the three books. You can use Urza's score as a benchmark for "perfect score without the books" -- I think I saw that Urza completed all side events, which is incredibly impressive! :D

Edit: I just checked, and yes, the books add a total of 288 points, meaning 712 is a perfect non-book Strawberry score!

And as a side note, you can get 100% in Sebastian's Adventure without purchasing any items. Originally you couldn't, but the path to do so was so convoluted that we made a workaround that allows you to get 1,000 without purchasing items. :)
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