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Unlisted Cons

Post by KeatonDawner » Fri Aug 05, 2016 9:39 pm

Heya guys, I noted there were some upcoming Cons not listed on your mainpage that you normally have SOME sort of presence at. Most notably were FAU and Furpocalypse. While (as of the writing of this post) FAU is right around the corner, Furpoc still is a ways off and I'm hoping SOMEONE at Tailkiss is like "Furpoc? Oh hell yea, I'll cover that Con!"

I'm not gonna be at FAU but I'll certainly be at Furpoc, spreading word of Furoticon and letting newbies tryout the game with some premades I have on hand and singing its praises and its new direction coming up.

I just hope y'all will at the very least have a stand to sell more cards and memorabilia. I love chatting YOU guys up too! It was really really nice to finally meet Seppel in person. Seeing Crimson again and meeting more at AC. Perhaps someday I'll bump into Callista and the rest I've missed. Time will tell!

Anyway so yea, PLEASE add Furpoc to your list pleeeeeeeeeease!!!! @.@ <-- Sad squirrelly eyes (Like puppy dog eyes but way sadder, cuter, and with much more floof!)

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Re: Unlisted Cons

Post by LittleBoyEni » Thu Aug 11, 2016 4:33 am

There have been no news updates since early July and no real info even outside of this webpage. They didn't even post something about Gen-Con so I wouldn't be too hopeful. With physical cards going out of print, they might not even go to cons anymore. And with no online presence, there isn't really much to talk about either.

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