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IndyFurCon 2015?

Posted: Sat Aug 15, 2015 11:39 am
by Oily
So I'm looking around for you guys but you're not at the Dealer's Den. Are you guys not here?

Re: IndyFurCon 2015?

Posted: Sun Aug 16, 2015 2:39 am
by polkakitty
Well, I'm there with a few different decks, and I briefly met up with Crimsonred, but it doesn't look like Furoticon is having an official presence at IndyFurCon this year. The traditional gaming room also seems to be pretty much abandoned most of the time, except for Friendly Tanuki's demos of Kitsune and Bad Decisions (both of which I've played and thoroughly recommend, for what it's worth.) It really has been a bit disappointing.

Re: IndyFurCon 2015?

Posted: Mon Aug 17, 2015 5:43 pm
by Seppel
Due to unforeseen circumstances, we're unable to have an official presence at IFC this year. :(