Tanglebrook - Cards by Tribes

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Tanglebrook - Cards by Tribes

Post by Kerubia » Thu Jul 30, 2015 5:10 am

I'm digging quite deep into Tanglebrook and thus I wanted to discuss / start a list where all the cards are sorted to their respective tribe.
To those who don't know / remember, Tribes of Tanglebrook featured 6 Tribes (I put their main skill / focus in brackets):

:fo: - Dragons (Hibernate)
:mh: - Lions (Havens)
:mf: - Otters (Quell)
:fh: - Rats (Lure)
:ho: - Shapeshifters (Shapeshift)
:mo: - Wolves (Intimidate)

I managed to sort nearly every card to a tribe (including the three different home haven artworks for each type of home haven), only being left with a few cards I couldn't clearly manage to assign to one of the tribes. Also feel free to check those I already assigned, in case You disagree.

The cards I'm not sure about are:
[c]Sow the Seeds[/c] - I believe it to be part of the Lions, as Lions are MH and it strengthens them agains FO (Dragons)? This would also be covered by the artwork - assuming it's a Lions dick showing.
[c]Artica[/c] - Could probably be assigned to the Shapeshifters, as they are built around the idea of having a lot of different Furres in the deck - yet it's not a shapeshifter at all?
[c]Compulsion of the Saibel[/c] - Well, it is quite clear that it's part of the Dragons, but it needs one :h: GP, which makes it special.
[c]The Bare Outback[/c] - It was part of the Wolves Starterdeck, but it shows a Lion and a Wolf - with the Lion having the upper hand on him. I can't assign it clearly to one of the tribes based on the effect either. I tend to go with Lions though...
[c]Azira Firestoker[/c]
[c]Clutch Mother[/c]
[c]Drachin Endowment[/c]
[c]Nurture's Caress[/c]
[c]Prolonging Pendant[/c]
[c]Bog the Insatiable[/c]
[c]Nocturnal Emissary[/c]
[c]Orgasmic Repose[/c]
[c]The Monolith[/c]
[c]Drachin Chosen[/c]
[c]Drachin Dominion[/c]
[c]Leery Drachin[/c]
[c]Tighten Up[/c]
[c]Dragon's Roost[/c]
[c]Tew Bluff[/c]
[c]Haidar Scout[/c]
[c]Haidar Sculptor[/c]
[c]Ibbard the Stalker[/c]
[c]Snare Trap[/c]
[c]Stalking Thrust[/c]
[c]Annex Party[/c]
[c]Feed them to the Lions[/c]
[c]Haidar Marksman[/c]
[c]Pride Commander Osee[/c]
[c]Pride Father[/c]
[c]Raci the Temptress[/c]
[c]Displeased Lions[/c]
[c]Perfidious Lovers[/c]
[c]The Flameroar Kings[/c]
[c]Unexpected Traitor[/c]
[c]Lion's Den[/c]
[c]Regal Field[/c]
[c]Camp Overseer[/c]
[c]Luxurious Ride[/c]
[c]Otterway Toll[/c]
[c]Breathing Room[/c]
[c]Elder Makari[/c]
[c]Huntress Itani[/c]
[c]Join the Team[/c]
[c]Lazy Nel[/c]
[c]River Guide Jama[/c]
[c]Riverhouse Attendant[/c]
[c]Lutani Cocksluts[/c]
[c]Lutani Volleyball Team[/c]
[c]Suspicious Otters[/c]
[c]Kinship Studio[/c]
[c]Otter Spring[/c]
[c]Timber Marsh[/c]
[c]Lei Aire[/c]
[c]Murodian Advance[/c]
[c]Murodian Gift[/c]
[c]Ruthless Rats[/c]
[c]Voka Trapmaster[/c]
[c]Ambassador Hakir[/c]
[c]Hakir's Compensation[/c]
[c]Paying Respects[/c]
[c]The Envoy's Warden[/c]
[c]The Rat Queens[/c]
[c]Victory Squat[/c]
[c]Wary Rats[/c]
[c]Rat Hideaway[/c]
[c]Shadow Glen[/c]
[c]Bottomswell Banquet[/c]
[c]Dragon Drainer[/c]
[c]Envoy Muto[/c]
[c]Hungry Harvester[/c]
[c]Isca's Summons[/c]
[c]Magical Afterglow[/c]
[c]Speaker Dragonhorn[/c]
[c]Loose Cannon[/c]
[c]Sudden Shift[/c]
[c]Three's Company[/c]
[c]Two's a Crowd[/c]
[c]Barrier and Shield[/c]
[c]Offended Shapeshifters[/c]
[c]Plucker and Roaster[/c]
[c]Thieving Twins[/c]
[c]Shapeshifter Hollow[/c]
[c]Alphus Shaman[/c]
[c]Gays of Justice[/c]
[c]Packmaster Gurt[/c]
[c]Rowdy Scouts[/c]
[c]Alphus Cockblocker[/c]
[c]Alphus Trainee[/c]
[c]Call of the Wolves[/c]
[c]Chant Leader[/c]
[c]Chark, Vision Ward[/c]
[c]Red Leader Trum[/c]
[c]Stranger on Site[/c]
[c]Council of the Pawsrec[/c]
[c]Facial Battalion[/c]
[c]Frisky Pair[/c]
[c]Repulsed Wolves[/c]
[c]Planter Grove[/c]
[c]Wolf Camp[/c]
I didn't put in the Owner Cards (Otters, Wolves, Dragons) and Token Cards (Wolves) as they are very clearly assigned to the Tribes.


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Re: Tanglebrook - Cards by Tribes

Post by Tegome » Thu Jul 30, 2015 2:09 pm

- You're right about Sow the Seeds. It's definitely a Lion card, and that's definitely a Lion dick in the picture -- he shares the same style of bodypaint as [c]Haidar Scout[/c] , [c]Ibbard the Stalker[/c] , etc.
- Artica's a bit of an outlier, being one of the auction winners. We lumped hir in with the rest of the Shapeshifters.
- Yep, Compulsion is a Dragon card, too. It's not the only Dragon card that looks for out-of-gender Gender Points, too -- you can play [c]Drachin Chosen[/c] for its much cheaper Hibernate cost if you splash Male.
- We considered The Bare Outback a Shapeshifter card during playtesting. While most of the tribes only playtested with one :1: Haven, Shapeshifters got three. Things needed to be shuffled around a little.
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Re: Tanglebrook - Cards by Tribes

Post by Seppel » Mon Aug 10, 2015 5:34 pm

Nice list! :D
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