My Webcam Setup: Tutorial!

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My Webcam Setup: Tutorial!

Post by Astrid Varelse » Tue Jul 21, 2015 10:16 pm

I got a fair bit of interest on my Online Furoticon setup. So I figured it's high time I showed you how I did it!

~~~ What you'll need ~~~
~~~ Instructions ~~~
  1. Setup your webcam so it can see a play area -- I recommend using painters tape to mark the edges so when your playing, you can tell what is out of sight
  2. Copy the awesome spreadsheet!
    To do this:
    1. Login to your Google account
    2. Open the spreadsheet
    3. Click "File"->"Make a copy..."
    4. Rename it to your hearts content
    5. Ensure "Share it with the same people" is NOT selected.
    6. Press "Ok"
  3. Open XSplit Broadcaster and login
  4. Change your video feed to a 4:3 aspect ratio! (This is very important, because if you have a 16:9 video feed, and the Skype connection becomes poor, it will cut off the sides and default to 4:3)
    This can be done by clicking "View"->"Resolution" at the top, and selecting a pre-set resolution or "Add Resolution"
  5. Add all your sources! (This is the part where you add your webcam, images, and other cool stuff [This would include any icons for SP, AP and GP])
    To add sources...
    1. Click "Add" in the lower left
    2. Select the type of source you want to add (To adjust the settings of a source, right-click on it)
  6. Your almost done... Now we just need to add the stat tracker...
    This is the tricky part -- for this you'll need to ensure that your always using the same web browser because XSplit tracks the program (So you can move it around without breaking it!) [Note that as of writing this, Microsoft Edge does not work with XSplit Broadcaster]
    1. Open your copy of the spreadsheet from Google (Refer to the FAQ if you can't find it)
    2. Set all the values at the bottom of the spread sheet to "96" (This will be important later on)
    3. In XSplit Broadcaster, click "Add" in the lower left and select "Screen Capture..."
    4. Drag a box around the first number within the green boxes, this is your SP (Make sure it's wide enough to hold 2-digit number but don't catch the edges of the cell)
    5. Right-click your new source (We're going to make it look nice!)
    6. On the screen tab, deselect "Show Mouse"
    7. Under the color tab, select "Chroma Key", set the anti-aliasing to "None", and set the slider with the sideways 'T' to 150. (This yielded the best results for me)
    8. On the layout tab, select "Keep Aspect Ratio" and "Enhanced Resize", the at the bottom click "Auto Crop"
    9. Move and size this new floating number and once your done, open the layout tab again and select "Lock Position"
    10. Repeat for each of the 12 numbers with green backgrounds
  7. Open Skype and set "XSplitBroadcaster" as your webcam!
~~~ FAQ ~~~
Okay so your stuck, something when wrong, or... Your dog ate it! Whatever the case, the FAQ is here to help!

If you can't find what your looking for here, ask below!
  1. Q. I made a copy of the spreadsheet but I have no idea how to find it!
    A. Go to Google and login. Once you've logged in your should see a little 3x3 block in the upper right hand corner. Click that. At the bottom of the pop-up click "More", and then select "Even more from Google" -- Once you've reached this page just look for "Sheets" and you'll be brought to Google Docs for Spreadsheets!
If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, recommendations or comments, drop them below! I'd love to hear you! :sp:
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