All Booster (and Deck) Covers

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All Booster (and Deck) Covers

Post by Kerubia » Sun Jul 19, 2015 11:38 am

Ok, this came up on my mind mostly because of Tanglebrook, but it could also go with all the other editions:
What different covers do the booster packs come with? For Tanglebrook, I know about the following, but are there others I missed?

Tanglebrook Boosters:
Cai (has been on the picture in the shop)
Ibbard the Stalker (has been on the picture in the shop)
Elder Makari
Bog the Insatiable
Slipsteam (has been on the picture in the shop)
The Rat Queens
Taneka, Lutani Elder (has been on the picture in the shop)
Somn, the High Shaman (has been on the picture in the shop)

Tanglebrook Decks:
Otters of Tanglebrook - Huntress Itani
Wolves of Tanglebrook - Council of the Pawsrec
Dragons of Tanglebrook - Gritmiser

4th Vanilla - Caramel Boosters:
Sebastian, Boy Toy
Strawberry in Serenity

4th Vanilla - Caramel Decks:
Risqué Resolutions - Caramel (though slightly altered and mirrored)
Seductive Snowbunnies - Warm Hearts

Are there more covers with the newer editions (other than the two which can be seen within the shop)?

I'll update this list once I know about more covers.

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Re: All Booster (and Deck) Covers

Post by Astrid Varelse » Sun Jul 19, 2015 2:53 pm

Fortune at Vell's End Boosters:
Bashful Jinvon
Makall, Grand Conductor

Fortune at Vell's End Decks:
Strength in Fellowship - Asti
Adventure Time - Kasim
Grand Conductors - Inquisitor Thexa
Glutton's Paradise - Argoffa, Spider Queen
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Re: All Booster (and Deck) Covers

Post by Seppel » Mon Jul 20, 2015 8:03 am

Here's the full booster pack list of non-game cards!

1st Vanilla
Only one cover/back; not a card.

Only one cover (Block Slave)
Only one back (Events/Lyscilla)

2nd Vanilla
5 covers (Boy Toy, Lily Tyla, Co-ed Dorm, Lion's Den, Thrust)
3 backs (AP cutout card, Stamina cutout card, Events/The Gay)

9 covers (Cai, Elder Makari, The Rat Queens, Isca, Ibbard the Stalker, Slipsteam, Bog the Insatiable, Somn, Taneka)
6 backs (Tribes of Tanglebrook story/Ruthless Rats, Tips & Tricks/Pride Commander Osee, Events/Chant Leader, AP Card/Wolf Havens, Stamina card/Otter Havens, Cataro ad)
2 tokens (Male Wolf, Otherkind Wolf)

3rd Vanilla
4 covers (Boy Toy, Renew, Heights, Moorlands)
4 backs (Stamina card/Moorlands, AP card/Seviriel, Events/Sapphire, Cataro ad 2)

Di'Ahla's Awakening
4 covers (Master Leavan, Lyscilla's Harem, Bootlicker, Lady Gentla)
4 backs (Stamina card/Forests, AP card/Heights, Events/Lyscilla, Tail Kiss Studio ad)

Fortune at Vell's End
7 covers (Bashful Jinvon, Ahlooka the Exalted, Inventor Creyta, Makall Grand Conductor, Fox token, Jackal token, Sev)
8 backs (Fellowship card, Events/Asti, Stamina card/Sylbana Hero, Tail Kiss Studio ad 2, New skill: Fellowship, New Skill: Conductor, New Skill: Adventurer, New Skill: Glutton)
4 tokens (Fox token, Jackal token, Dragon token, Stikktog token)
Note: The "New Skill" cards in the booster packs have a unique background not found in the starter deck versions. Each starter deck version has its own unique background.

6 covers (Co-ed Dorm, Sweet Dreams, Sebastian, Strawberry, Dewni, Marlii)
5 backs (GP card/???, AP card/???, Events/Butch and Flank, Tail Kiss ad 3, Furoticon Quick Reference)

Brundali Rail Heist
10 covers (Raccoon token, Missing Nut, Officer Bandjar, Paiya, Mona A, Mona B, Captain Tahas, Paiya, Pavalana Geared Up, Tsou and Bokeh, Mayah and Kumo'ana)
8 backs (AP card/Moorlands, Stamina card/???, Events/Take the Lead, New Skill: Kink, New Skill: Renegade, New Skill: Meddler, New Skill: Feisty, Returning Skills)
1 Token (Raccoon)
Note: Unlike Fortune, the new skill cards in Heist are not unique to the starter versions.

If something doesn't seem right, please let me know! Also, I've forgotten the art used on a few cards. This is all from memory. :)
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