Misprinted / Changed Cards List?

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Misprinted / Changed Cards List?

Post by Kerubia » Wed Jul 15, 2015 2:50 am


I have a question regarding the card "Gays of Justice" which was included in the Wolves of Tanglebrook Starter Deck.
While it's cost on the card itself stated as :8: (8 AP), both on the Furoticon Card Spoilers website as well as the direct link to the card, it is written as :5: (5 AP).

Which one is correct?

And in general - is there a list of cards that were known to be printed with wrong values / text or which were changed later due to other reasons?
I tried searching for such a list, but couldn't find one so far.

Thank You in advance for any answers. ^^

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Re: Misprinted / Changed Cards List?

Post by polkakitty » Wed Jul 15, 2015 5:22 am

There are some cards that have errata listed for them in the spoiler ([card]Gushing Geyser[/card]/[card]Hardwood Forest[/card]/[card]Shenanigan Swamp[/card]/[card]Slippery Sinkhole[/card], [card]Chark, Vision Ward[/card]/[card]Red Leader Trum[/card], several Furres whose official subtype has changed since their first printing.) With the exceptions of cards that have been officially given errata, the ruling that's generally been made is to play the cards as printed, so [card]Gays of Justice[/card] should be treated as having an AP cost of 8. (I think the reason the spoiler says 5 is most likely just because of a mistake when entering in the values.)

There is a thread on the forums for reporting errors in the spoiler, but there isn't a complete list anywhere of corrections that have been made to actual printed cards. I think it would be a good idea for such a list to be available somewhere, though (it would essentially just be a list of all the cards in the spoiler database for which the "Notes" field is not empty.)

And, since this was something I thought should be brought up at some point, I think something should also be done about cards that will have their costs or other properties changed in Furoticon Online, although adding a note to those cards probably should suffice.

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Re: Misprinted / Changed Cards List?

Post by Tegome » Wed Jul 15, 2015 4:46 pm

Unless our playtesting materials are also incorrect, Gays of Justice should be played with a cost of :8: :m: . Yep, looks like a mistake in the Card Spoiler.

Yeah, a list of changed/errata'd cards would be a good idea. Oh, Seppel~
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Re: Misprinted / Changed Cards List?

Post by Seppel » Mon Jul 20, 2015 8:46 pm

Aside from all the cards listed on the Big Small Species Re-typing, we have...

Functional Changes...
[card]Red Leader Trum[/card]
[card]Chark, Vision Ward[/card]
[card]Slippery Sinkhole[/card]
[card]Gushing Geyser[/card]
[card]Hardwood Forest[/card]
[card]Shenanigan Swamp[/card]
[card]Booty Hole[/card]
Tonguebound Trio
[card]Lina Di'Vitelle[/card]
[card]Lap Dog[/card]

Missing "until end of turn"...
[card]It's Too Hard[/card]
The Rat Queens
[card]Nipple Clamps[/card]

Functional Typos...
[card]Lord Gaar[/card]
[card]Lady Gentla[/card]
[card]The Yellow Rabbit[/card]
The Hetero
The Gay
Paw Pumper

Incorrect out-of-game information...
[card]Linga[/card] (Reminder text misprint)
Moorlands (Incorrect rarity)
[card]November[/card] (artist credit)
[card]Osfia, Kakok Herald[/card] (rarity)
Brin's Specialty (funny story about the card name...)
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Re: Misprinted / Changed Cards List?

Post by polkakitty » Mon Jul 20, 2015 10:03 pm

Since the special owners for Brundali just got revealed, I can't help noticing the funny thing about the misprint on Linga is that it would actually be useful for her Submissive to work that way if you were using [card]Pavalana, Geared Up[/card].

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