How much play in Risque vs Seduction?

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How much play in Risque vs Seduction?

Post by Red_Horizon » Mon Dec 22, 2014 5:33 am

So I've just received the Caramel decks, Risque Resolutions and Seductive Snowbunnies.

Has anyone had much of a chance to play with them yet? How much "play" is there in these starter decks?

I have a load of booster cards that I might want to trade, though mainly just for card-art by artists I like, other than for playability, but I could do with some idea of how likely I am to need additional cards before I go trading them away.

Just to give an example; the only basis for comparison I have are the old Magic: The Gathering "Portal" mini-decks, which were starter decks for that game. Whilst they were a good introduction, they weren't much use for playing; they were only really capable of playing out one scripted scenario to teach you the rules, and you needed a fair few more cards to really "play".

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Re: How much play in Risque vs Seduction?

Post by Magetorment » Mon Dec 22, 2014 8:09 pm

All of the Furoticon starters are designed to be decks ready to play straight out of the box. With the 2 player mini deck boxes you can either play them as the 20-card mini decks, running games with 25 :sp: instead of the usual 50, or combine the mini decks into a full 40-card deck to play full 50 :sp: games. And if you got both the mini deck sets then you can mix and match to form a gender pairing that's right for you. The Caramel decks were designed to be entirely interchangeable with each other.

Customizing your decks from there entirely depends on how you want to play Furoticon. If you want to keep a few decks together to host pick-up and play games with friends, then I'd keep the decks mostly as-is and go ahead with your trading. As you play, you may see certain trends with your group and may want to swap cards in and out to adjust to your group's playstyle.

However, if you're looking to make more personalized decks or participate in one of our constructed events at a convention, then I highly recommend using your boosters to further personalize your decks. While our starter decks can do more than scripted scenarios they aren't as fined tuned as a tournament-level deck. As a note, that only applies to constructed events, as in both drafts and sealed events players are given new cards to use at the event.

Hope that helps.

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