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Post by Shu » Sat Nov 21, 2015 12:48 am

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Re: Orgasm Trigger Effects and Furre Ownership

Post by Tegome » Sat Nov 21, 2015 3:58 am

There is a bit of weirdness around how "When ~ orgasms" skills work. Taz and I went looking for a similar ruling just a couple of days ago. I might be logicing this incorrectly, but this is how I interpret things.

Your opponent is Kris' owner, but you're his controller, thanks to Lecta. While you're his controller, you get to make use of any skills he has. When he orgasms, his skill (that you control) triggers and is added to the stack as he goes to his owner's couch, where he effectively has no controller. The skill that he put on the stack is still there, though -- even though your opponent has control of Kris now, you controlled him when the skill originally triggered, so you reap the benefit of the card draw when the skill resolves.

Compare this to using Lecta on your opponent's [c]Tonguebound Trio[/c] . Eventually, your opponent makes the Trio that you control orgasm, and they're sent to their owner's couch, where Multi-Orgasmic triggers. Even though it was your Trio's Multi-O skill that resolved, they re-enter the scene under their owner's control, since they don't remember any swap of ownership since being moved to the couch. Your opponent then reaps the benefit of Trio's enter-the-scene card draw skill.
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Re: Orgasm Trigger Effects and Furre Ownership

Post by Seppel » Sat Nov 21, 2015 9:23 am

When a card says "you," it's referring to you, the controller of the card. :)

Like Tegome said, the controller of a card has control over all the skills. Even during orgasm, control doesn't change, so the controller benefits from any orgasm triggers!
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