Gluttons eat and Prematur evacuation

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Gluttons eat and Prematur evacuation

Post by blackpelt » Sun Feb 15, 2015 1:52 pm

so i was playing yesterday and was able to take control of my opponents [c]Spiteful Wench[/c] with the help [c]Lecta, Library Aide[/c] of after witch i ate them with my [c]Juuba[/c] when she came out i could use that effect to make them misplace.

"question 1 when a card is switched or taken from one side to the other. dose the effect activate, pt.2 when juuba ate and spit her up the skill would have activated ether way?

she then alters spiteful wench so she cant putout or swing. after i played one more glutton fur and ate Spiteful wench, used [c]premature evacuation[/c] activating the effect.

"question 2, Dose the alteration go to the couch or to the owners hand. pt.2 the Pre evac stated the the card go's from one furs belly to the owners control. (am i not technically its owner. given i had last control of it.
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Re: Gluttons eat and Prematur evacuation

Post by Magetorment » Sun Feb 15, 2015 2:39 pm

Hey there. First off you have no idea how happy it makes me to hear someone else out there is using Lecta/Juuba. Such a fun combo.

But, answering questions.

First off a clarification on Juuba. Juuba states that shi returns any fur shi eats back to the scene under their owners control. Owner and control are two different things. The owner is the person who owns the card, IE the person using the deck the card came from. This cannot change during the game. Controller, on the other hand, is whoever has control over the card at a given time, which can change over the course of the game. So if you swap a furre with Lecta, then eat that furre with Juuba, you're basically giving the furre back to its original controller.

Now for your actual questions:
If a furre switches sides the new controller will have control over any activated skills (something like [card]Sweet Sue[/card] or a Conductor furre) or triggered skills (like [card]Cotton[/card] or [card]Lofty Chimera[/card]) and will gain the benefits of an static skills (something like [card]Team Captain[/card] or [card]Dangerous Bush[/card]). However, if a furre switches sides the new controller will not get the effects of any Enter the Scene skills, as the furre in question never left the scene. So if you steal a [card]Spiteful Wench[/card] you don't get to misplace someone.

When a furre is eaten that furre leaves the scene. So you trigger any leaving the scene effects (like [card]Perfect Five[/card] or [card]Kris Brackenthorn[/card]). If a furre returns to the scene from the belly, either with [card]Juuba[/card]'s effect or [card]Premature Evacuation[/card], then that furre is entering the scene and will trigger any enter the scene effects (which, coincidentally, is why Juuba and Lecta are so powerful together).

Finally, when a furre leaves the scene any cards attached to it go to the couch. So any alterations on a furre that gets eaten will be discarded. Additionally, any furres in the belly of a furre that gets eaten will also go to the couch (unless an effect says otherwise, like [card]Slippery Slider[/card] or [card]Booty Box[/card]).

Hope that clears things up for you.

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Re: Gluttons eat and Prematur evacuation

Post by Seppel » Mon Feb 16, 2015 1:09 pm

And one additional note: I believe this is your general strategy for using Lecta + Juuba.

1: Play some tiny Furres ([card]Fresh Meat[/card]) that you don't mind losing.
2: Play Lecta, and swap a tiny Furre for a big Furre your opponent controls.
3: Play Juuba, eating Lecta.
4: Return Lecta to the scene, and swap another tiny Furre for another big Furre.
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